Coronation Street spoilers: Alan Halsall on Maria’s obsession with Tyrone – “It will end very badly”

"Maria’s in a dark place and isn’t thinking straight. She’s deluded when she thinks she and Tyrone would be happy together," adds the actor

Maria’s crazy mission to win back Tyrone intensifies next week as she continues to masquerade as Kirsty. With Ty and Fiz feeling increasingly terrorised, it isn’t long before the pair are planning to call the police. But where does this leave a panicked Maria? Actor Alan Halsall – who plays the beleaguered Tyrone – tells us the latest:


Tyrone’s been trying to support Maria but what does he think of all her talk about him being her ‘first love’? Does he still have any feelings for her or does he just see her as a friend?
Tyrone loves Fiz and, for him, it’s as simple as that. He does have feelings for Maria but only as a friend. He’s fond of her, she was his girlfriend and he was in love with her, but not anymore.

Is Tyrone totally committed to his relationship with Fiz?
Yes. He adores her and they’ve worked so hard to get to where they are now. Tyrone loves Fiz and no one else.

So how does Tyrone feel when Maria kisses him? Does he realise just how messed up she is? Is he worried about her state of mind?
I wouldn’t say he was worried, but he does feel uneasy. He’s shocked as he wasn’t expecting her to try and kiss him, but Maria is so apologetic and mortified when Tyrone pushes away that he thinks she was just not thinking straight.

Maria’s not Tyrone’s only problem woman – how does he react to the news that Kirsty’s been released from prison?
Tyrone is terrified by the news. This woman terrorised him and almost ruined his life. He’s scared that she’s going to come for Ruby and try to ruin his relationship with Fiz.

How does he react when a toy for Ruby is pushed through the letterbox and he receives the ‘anonymous’ text? 
He automatically thinks it’s from Kirsty. They barricade themselves in until Maria arrives. When Tyrone shows the text to Maria, she pretends she knows nothing about it and comforts him, secretly knowing it was her that had sent the text.

What’s Tyrone’s biggest fear as the texts continue to arrive?
When it comes to Kirsty, Tyrone will always be fearful. She’s a dark part of his past that still haunts him and the thought that she might return and begin her mind games again is terrifying for Tyrone.

We see Tyrone confiding in Maria – why does he tell her before he talks to Fiz?
Fiz hasn’t handled this whole situation very well. She tries to call Kirsty and shouts down the phone at her, but Tyrone thinks that she’s causing more damage than good and he doesn’t want to worry her further when he receives another text. The only other person he can think of turning to is Maria. Obviously that’s the wrong choice as it’s really Maria behind the texts.

How would he feel if he found out that it’s really Maria sending texts and not Kirsty?
Tyrone would be shocked and appalled that his friend would put him through so much. He trusts Maria, she’s his friend and he would feel completely betrayed.

Will he understand it’s down to her mental state at the moment and forgive her? 
I don’t know if Tyrone could forgive Maria for trying to break up his relationship or for pretending to be the one person who she knows he fears more than anything. Trust is a big thing for Tyrone and if he doesn’t trust Maria then I don’t think he could ever feel as close to her as he does now.

Do you think this is all going to end badly for Maria? 
Maria’s in a dark place and isn’t thinking straight. She’s deluded when she thinks she and Tyrone would be happy together. I think this is going to end very badly for Maria. She’s playing with people’s lives and that’s never going to end well, is it?