Stephen Mulhern: Simon Cowell and David Walliams created the most awkward moment of my BGT career

“I wanted the ground to swallow me up,” says the Britain’s Got More Talent host as he talks TV plans with Emma Willis, Strictly Come Dancing and a possible Piers Morgan return

Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern has revealed he had the most awkward moment of his career courtesy of Simon Cowell and David Walliams during this year’s filming.


Armed with a virtual baby that was programmed to cry and want feeding, Mulhern tasked new dad Cowell with the job of comforting the pretend child.

But Walliams wasn’t missing out on a chance to play happy families.

“David came over and said, ‘I know what will be a good idea, let me show you how to burp and feed a child’,” Mulhern explains.

The More Talent host promptly found himself plopped on Walliams’s lap, given a bottle and having his back rubbed by the comedian.

“I could see that Simon looked unimpressed, sat holding a crying virtual baby while David was rubbing my back and trying to burp me. I went, ‘Do you think I should just leave?’ to which Simon said, ‘I think that would be a really good idea’.

“We looked like the most dysfunctional family in the world. I’m getting hot just thinking about it,” added Mulhern.

Banter among the stars of BGT seems firmly in place for this year’s eighth series. In this year’s advertising campaign Mulhern tells former contestants Stavros Flatley to “f*** off” after they tell him he’s rubbish – an additional bit of dialogue Mulhern added in himself.

“Stavros wasn’t meant to say anything and I told him to f*** off as I was thinking, we’ll still be able to use it with a beep, or even if we don’t use it – it obviously did shock Dec and indeed Stavros. If you watch it back in slow motion, Stavros’s face is a picture.”

In fact, there’s no script at all for More Talent, which is perhaps how they’ve ended up with a segment that sees Walliams take on 80 year-old Doris in tasks that include trying to guess the sauce on a sausage.

“It was one of those when you’re coming up with it that you think, ‘Maybe it’s a bit too much’. But they were both really up for it.

“David is such a competitive man. Even though she’s 80 he won’t let her win.”

Talking of Mr Walliams, Mulhern thinks he’d be a good fit for the hosting role on Strictly Come Dancing.

“I’ve never even thought about him doing it, I think he would love all of that. I think he’d embrace it. I think it would be a really interesting call to make.”

Would he rather the role for himself?

“I’m very happy how I am at the moment. I certainly wouldn’t want to follow Brucie anyway. Let someone else do it for a year and then maybe think about it. No, I’m very happy with Catchphrase and Big Star’s Little Star at the moment.”

And while he currently presents a radio show with Emma Willis on Heart FM, Mulhern says the pair have been working on an idea for a TV show together.

“Emma and I have been speaking about it for quite a while. We’d both really like to do it,” adding that the pair has been “doing a little run through of an idea for a show”.

The Catchphrase host sees his next move as one away from the game show genre.

“No game show element. It’s all about entertainment. Whether that would be a shiny floor sort of magic show or some sort of chat show element. I don’t know. Something where you can sit and watch as a family and just enjoy. That would be the icing on the cake.”

And as Britain’s Got More Talent returns this weekend, will we be seeing some familiar faces on the show?

“We have a segment with Ant and Dec. We had Piers Morgan on More Talent last year. You won’t see him on ITV1 but you may see him on ITV2.”

See Britain’s Got More Talent Saturday 8:30pm on ITV2

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