You know you’re addicted to Game of Thrones when…

Can't get enough of hit HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones? If you're displaying these symptoms, perhaps it's time you went cold turkey...

If you agree with the following statements, there’s a good chance you’re addicted to Game of Thrones…


Real life seems dull

Where are the random nipple flashes? The massacres? The backstabbing, both literal and hypothetical…

You keep expecting people to jump you with knives

Do you flinch every time a fellow commuter reaches skyward for a handrail on your journey to work? Yep. Because you’re expecting him to whip out a blade and do you in, Red Wedding-style.

You are indescribably glad that spring is here

Because it means winter is over. And you know all about winter. How terrifying it is. And how it is always, forever coming.  

You’ve started introducing yourself like they do in Westeros

Greetings, stranger. I’m Ellie of House 71a, Green Lane.

You trust no one

You don’t want to befall the same fate as poor Ned Stark, now, do you? He was far too trusting and look where it got him. Yes, your housemate says she’ll buy the milk, but you’d be a fool to take her word for it…

You’ve started to braid your hair, Khaleesi-style

There’s no denying the mother of dragons is one stylish lass. But there’s a time and a place for those long medieval locks. And your Monday morning meeting just isn’t it.

Your love life has got a whole lot more complicated

Forget Mr Right, you are now on the lookout for someone else entirely. Sure, Trevor isn’t the most dashing or stimulating chap you’ve ever clapped eyes on, but he’s the son of an eminent politician – and power, as you know, is everything.

You’ve retaken this quiz over 10 times to make sure you are really and truly a Stark

Haven’t taken it yet? You know what to do…

You don’t RSVP to weddings anymore

Your best friend might be walking down to the aisle this summer but there is no way in hell you’ll be attending. You’ve seen what can happen once the couple says I do. It’s not worth the risk.

Your cat just doesn’t cut it anymore

Fluffy might be a loyal and loving companion but you won’t be content until you have yourself some scaly baby dragons. (Note to self: invest in fire insurance.)

Game of Thrones series 4 starts on Monday 7 April at 2:00am and 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic.