Coronation Street spoilers: a “delusional” Maria kisses Tyrone – Samia Ghadie interview

"She believes that she loves Tyrone and that he would make her happy," says the actress

In the wake of Marcus’s betrayal, Maria is to find her passions for first love Tyrone reignited in the coming weeks. But when Ty’s nemesis Kirsty is released from prison, Maria ends up preying on his worst fears in order to manipulate the situation to her own advantage. Here, actress Samia Ghaide reveals why upcoming episodes mark the start of a dark and dangerous journey for her character:


So, Maria’s not coping at all well with Marcus’s betrayal, is she?
Maria is devastated. Her whole world seems to have fallen apart around her. The man she loved and trusted has completely betrayed her and she’s feeling very vulnerable. She also feels stupid because everyone warned her not to get close to Marcus, but she really thought that he loved her and that they could make it work. The fact that they were looking at houses together like a proper family and then to walk in on Marcus and Todd – well it just sent Maria over the edge.

Tyrone tells her Kirsty’s out of prison and that he’s worried she’ll snatch Ruby. Why does Maria start worrying that Liam will be snatched by Marcus?
Maria’s not really thinking straight. Her head is all over the place and she’s not acting like she normally would. When she hears Tyrone’s fears that Kirsty might snatch Ruby, well. she flips and even though it’s completely irrational she thinks Marcus might try to snatch Liam.

Did she overreact by barricading herself in the flat with Liam?
To everybody else it’s an overreaction but Maria really does believe that Liam could be in danger from Marcus. It’s such an irrational thought but it shows just how vulnerable Maria is feeling right now.

Is this a symptom of Maria’s worsening mental state?
It’s definitely a sign that something is not right with Maria’s state of mind and it’s the start of a very dark and dangerous journey for Maria.    

She’s leaning heavily on Tyrone and talks about him being her first love. Does she still have feelings for him? 
More than anything, Maria wants to be loved. She sees Tyrone and Fiz together and it’s just a reminder of what she doesn’t have. I think it’s been forgotten that Fiz took Tyrone from Maria – and Maria longs for the relationship they once had.

Is she getting close to Tyrone to get back at Fiz for not telling her about her suspicions of Todd and Marcus?
No I don’t think getting back at Fiz is crossing her mind. She believes that she loves Tyrone and that he would make her happy.

She does kiss Tyrone… does she regret that?
She doesn’t regret kissing him but she’s mortified when he pulls away from her. In her head, she obviously thinks that because he’s comforting her then it means he likes her more than just a friend. She’s completely delusional.

She posts a little present for Ruby through Tyrone’s letterbox by way of an apology for coming on to him. But she lets Tyrone think it’s from Kirsty! Why?
She’s genuinely mortified for trying to kiss Tyrone because he pulled away from her. So she wants to say sorry. She sends a text after she’s posted the toys saying sorry, but because Tyrone doesn’t have her new pay-as-you-go number, he automatically thinks it’s from Kirsty and is terrified. When Tyrone leans on Maria for comfort and support she feels needed and decides to let him carry on thinking it’s Kirsty.

What’s she hoping to achieve by pretending to be Kirsty and terrorising poor Tyrone?
I don’t think she sees it as terrorising him. She wants him to need her and because Tyrone doesn’t think he can lean on Fiz, he turns to Maria for support. It’s twisted but Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and because of that she finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty.

Maria’s almost caught out when David realises what’s going on. What does he say?
Maria’s really embarrassed and clearly upset when David confronts her. He realises that she’s in love with Tyrone but urges her to tell him the truth before it’s too late. Maria actually begins to listen to him but when Tyrone again turns to her for comfort she just can’t help herself and sends another text.

Will she confess to Tyrone or keep on doing it?
Maria doesn’t want Tyrone to know that she’s been pretending to be Kirsty so, for now, she will continue to send the texts. It seems to be bringing her and Tyrone closer together and it’s putting a strain on Fiz and Tyrone’s relationship. Maria knows she’s in the wrong but she just can’t help herself.

How worried are you for Maria’s state of mind?
Maria is clearly in a bad way mentally. She’s not herself right now and is really struggling to cope with Marcus’s betrayal. In a way, you have to feel sorry for her because she’s so desperate to just be loved.

is there anyone else in the Street Maria could fall for?  Or do you think she would be best staying single for a while?
Maria is so fragile right now. I think it would be best if she took some time out to just be herself and be single. She probably thinks that having a man in her life would solve all her worries, but this is Weatherfield and not many people live happily ever after.