Celebrity birthdays: 25th March – you share your birthday with Elton John and Sarah Jessica Parker

Happy birthday to you! Grab your Manolo Blahniks and bop along to the Circle of Life with your birthday brother Elton John


Date: 25 March 


You share your birthday with… Elton John 

Most famous for… jazzy glasses, impressive piano playing and thousands (surely?) of platinum records

Today, why not… take a moment to ponder the Circle of Life that has spun you here. It moves us all, you know. 

Or if that feels a tad too melancholy – today’s for partying, after all – just pop on your disco shoes and grab the mic… 


You also share your birthday with Sarah Jessica Parker, aka everyone’s favourite Manolo Blanick-loving, fictional NYC columnist Carrie Bradshaw. Whatever you do, make sure you have a better birthday party than this. Eek. 

Also born on 15 March: Aretha Franklin, Ryan Lewis, Marcia Cross, Patrick Troughton