Prince Harry on his South Pole trek: “I’m terrified”

Ahead of a gruelling Antarctic expedition with injured British soldiers, Harry shares his fears and motivations...


Prince Harry joins four injured British soldiers for a gruelling trek across the Antarctic, in Harry’s South Pole Heroes. As they prepared for the daunting task ahead, Harry shared his thoughts with us…


On amputee Major Kate Philp and her team-mates

“A lot of these guys and girls have done heroic things, but they don’t see themselves as heroes — they’re normal people trying to get their lives back on track. Some of them were quite recently lying in a hospital bed, being told, ‘You may never walk again,’ or ‘You’re going to be restricted for the rest of your life.’ So then to go and walk to the South Pole, it’s truly remarkable. Every single one of them should be so proud of themselves. It’s very humbling and moving just to be part of it. I think it’s a huge achievement for everybody involved.”

On fear and failure

“I’m terrified for myself, to be honest — hugely daunted… I don’t want to let the side down through fitness or injuries or anything like that. There’s a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I’ve just got to get it right… It’s not just about fitness, it’s about knowing exactly what you can and can’t do. For me, it’s bigger than just these guys. We’re trying to raise money but also to raise awareness for the fact that the injuries they’ve sustained they’re going to carry for the rest of their lives.”

On finding yourself

“Everyone’s got their own personal reasons for being out here. It’s an opportunity for them to find themselves again. They’ve had life-changing injuries, whether it’s facial, whether it’s limbs, whether it’s up in the head — and everyone has to deal with different things in different ways. You can’t tell someone how to get over losing a leg. You can’t tell someone how to get over post-traumatic stress disorder; it’s simply not possible. So I hope that being out here they’ll find some space, they’ll find some understanding and that if they haven’t yet come to terms with their injuries then maybe this is the best place for it.”

On never giving up

“Regardless of what your injury is, or whether you’re military or civilian, (and) even if you lose both your legs, you can still carry on. You’ve just got to push on, you shouldn’t give up — and these guys don’t. That’s what’s driving me.”

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