8 ways TV could use the We Will Rock You gold Freddie Mercury statue

The hit Queen musical is to close after a 12-year run in London's West End. Here's some ideas of what they could do with that iconic gold Freddie statue...

London’s Dominion Theatre is waving goodbye to the Queen-themed musical We Will Rock You. It’s been in residence in the West End for 12 years.


Millions of fans have been through the door to hear iconic Queen songs re-imagined for the stage. But the show is not to go on, ending this May.

And that’s not all. No more We Will Rock You means no more giant gold Freddie Mercury statue. Rubbish, right? No more ‘meet you under the statue’ on nights out, no more people stopping for snaps of his looming presence…

And what’s going to happen to ol’giant Freddie now he’s got no Tottenham Court Road home?

Well, here’s some ideas…

Gogglebox Freddie

Sherlock-didn’t-jump-first Freddie

Ellen who? Freddie

Heard-they-needed-a-new-host Freddie

Handy-behind-a-bar Freddie

I’m-actually-holding-a-sonic-screwdriver Freddie

I-own-the-throne Freddie

Now-I-can-binge-watch-Breaking-Bad Freddie

AKA, we-were-running-out-of-time Freddie…