Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

3-7 March: Mason attempts to prove his innocence, while Toadie and Sonya argue

Monday 3 March


Determined to prove himself innocent of causing Josh’s accident, Mason begs Brennan for help. A trip to the accident site proves fruitful. Kyle wangles Georgia a permanent job as school caretaker, but will she agree to stay? When Danni shows fright at the name of a new customer, Brennan discovers the reason for the garage’s security cameras. 

Tuesday 4 March

Toadie is annoyed when he thinks that Sonya has put her support group before her promise to teach Callum to drive. Kate’s reaction to Brennan moving into their old house leaves them both perplexed. Despite Brennan’s discovery at the accident site, the Turner-Willis family feud shows no sign of easing up. 

Wednesday 5 March

After clearing the air with Toadie, Sonya decides to accept the position of the support group’s convenor. When Mason suggests spending a night at Lassiters to celebrate his birthday, Imogen needs time to think. After she consults Amber, however, her secret is exposed. 

Thursday 6 March

Dismayed by her family’s reaction to her secret relationship, Imogen reluctantly breaks up with Mason just as his birthday party is about to begin. Georgia is impressed by Kyle’s child-caring skills when he looks after Nell, but makes it clear that his dream of helping to raise their baby is not shared. Bailey is flattered when Josie seems to be paying him attention at the party, but Callum tells him that she is really after Kyle. 

Friday 7 March


Surrounded by friends and family at his birthday party, Mason cheers up and decides to focus on his career. Josh decides to ditch the party in favour of extra physiotherapy. Amber goes along, but her pleasure is short-lived. Brennan offers Danni a place in his house after discovering why she is sleeping at the garage. When Kate finds out, she kisses him passionately in a moment of jealousy and confusion.