Why The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon needs to air in the UK

Our American correspondent Ciera Velarde explains why the UK would benefit from a dose of America's most likeable talk show host

Every morning for the past week, there’s one person who’s always in my Twitter feed. Whether he’s rapping, lip-syncing, dancing or interviewing a celebrity, Jimmy Fallon has taken viral videos to a whole new level.


Last Monday, the American talk show host took over for Jay Leno and became the new frontman for The Tonight Show. At his previous gig, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he became known for bringing the laughs through song and dance collaborations with celebrities.

Even though Fallon’s talk show has switched names, he’s stuck to what works – and he might even have gotten better at it. In less than ten days, he’s delivered segment after segment of musical and dancing magic, straight to the television sets of American night owls. 

But in the UK, you can only see Fallon’s work the next morning in YouTube clips. I get it – the UK has its own line-up of chat show presenters, but Fallon’s fun, clean and smart humour would be a great addition to British television.

After watching a great clip from the Tonight Show, I can’t help but smile and laugh to myself for a good five minutes afterwards. In less than five years, Fallon’s gone from that guy on Saturday Night Live who would always end up laughing through a skit to a talented, engaging and hilarious talk show host who never takes himself too seriously. 

Jimmy Fallon brightens your day, and I think that’s an effect everyone can benefit from – including the United Kingdom.

Just in case the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon never makes the leap across the pond, here are five clips – just from the last week – that display the talk show host doing what he does best: making us laugh.

Lip-Sync Battle with Paul Rudd

Only last night, Jimmy presented the world with another addition to his viral video collection. He challenged Anchorman 2 star Paul Rudd to an epic lip-sync battle in which neither of them knew what songs the other one had chosen. I’ve never seen two middle-aged men get so into lip-sync, and that’s exactly why I can’t get enough of it. 


Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing

Last year, Jimmy gave us the Evolution of Mom Dancing with America’s First Lady Michelle Obama on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Now, he’s partnering with Will Smith to create the Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing. Some of the best moves include the “I’m about to break dance” and the “leg thing no one can do.”

History of Rap Part 5 with Justin Timberlake

They’re the Brad and Angelina of bromances. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are always funniest when they’re together, and they proved that yet again with the fifth instalment in their History of Rap series, which they started last year. They deliver an epic mash-up of more than 20 rap songs in five minutes without missing a beat. 


Jimmy Interviews Harry Styles…sort of

This is a departure from Jimmy’s usual song and dance gig, but this reunion of SNL alums was all over the Internet just last week. Kristen Wiig showed up to The Tonight Show dressed as Harry Styles, so Jimmy proceeded to interview her as if she really were the One Directioner. Only problem? Wiig knows absolutely nothing about Styles, including the fact that he’s, well, British. It’s like a flashback to his SNL days, and that’s exactly why it works. 


The Ragtime Gals: Ignition (Remix)

Jimmy’s the king of performing songs in the most unexpected ways, and this video is no exception. Jimmy and the Ragtime Gals – his very own American barbershop quartet – give R Kelly’s Ignition (Remix) a squeaky clean a capella treatment, and the lyrics of the song have never sounded quite so ridiculous.