EastEnders spoilers: Liam and TJ comes to blows over Cindy’s pregnancy – first look pictures

Will the truth about the paternity of Cindy's baby end up coming out?


An almighty row is set to break out at the Butchers’ after accusations are thrown around about Cindy Jr’s (Mimi Keene) pregnancy.


In dramatic scenes to be shown on Thursday 6 March, a jealous Liam (James Forde) will be seen lunging for TJ (George Sargeant). Before the boys can cause injuries to each other, they’re pulled apart by Terry (Terry Alderton) and David (Michael French). But will the truth be revealed about the father of Cindy’s baby?


Earlier this year, it was revealed to viewers that Cindy Jr – the daughter of the late Cindy Beale – was pregnant by TJ. After deciding that an abortion was the best option, the pair later reconsidered as TJ told Cindy that he was committed to raising their baby together.