Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

24-28 February: Sinead is forced to hand baby Katy over, while John Paul is in need of help

Monday 24 February


Robbie is hell-bent on getting revenge, but when pushed to the extreme, how will John Paul react? When Nancy finds Leela sleeping at Darren’s, will she get the wrong end of the stick? Sinead is left heartbroken as her family turn their backs on her, but could new evidence change their minds? And has Dennis finally found love after Leanne?

Tuesday 25 February

Lindsey fears the worst when Diane wants justice for Katy. Elsewhere, Dennis’s new friendship hits the rocks while Darren and Leela get to know each other better.

Wednesday 26 February

John Paul hits an all-time low, but can anything – or anyone – pick him up? Dodger and Patrick go to see Sienna and Dodger worries that his sister is taking the wrong advice. Elsewhere, Sandy worries that she may lose another son.

Thursday 27 February

Under pressure from Patrick to change her plea in court, will Maxine abide by him, or will she speak up about her abuse? Will Jason go to jail?  Sinead is devastated as her world spirals out of control. After sharing a touching moment with Nancy, has Darren really moved on? And Sienna’s keener than ever to be discharged into the village…

Friday 28 February


Maxine is left dealing with the consequences from yesterday’s betrayal. Nancy’s past catches up with her and gets her in to trouble. Meanwhile, is love in the air for Carmel and Sonny?