Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

17-21 February: disaster strikes for Josh, while Kyle discovers that Georgia is pregnant

Monday 17 February


Georgia is rushed into hospital, but is relieved to hear that her baby is fine. Realising that the baby is his, Kyle manages to see her, but she makes it clear that her pregnancy does not mean that they are getting back together. Sonya struggles with her feelings for Jacob. Imogen discovers that Isaac has been lying to her.

Tuesday 18 February

Having replaced Isaac as the driver for their camping trip, Mason goes abseiling with Imogen while Josh and Amber head for the lake. Goaded by Mason, Josh tries his hand at abseiling – only to suffer a serious accident. Sonya makes a decisive break from Jacob, but still manages to hurt Toadie’s feelings. Callum finds his way back into Josie’s good books.

Wednesday 19 February

Josh’s injuries are not life-threatening, but he has a badly broken arm which needs internal fixation surgery. Realising that his swimming career is in jeopardy, he is persuaded by Brad to wait for the arrival of a specialist sports surgeon. Kyle is upset when he hears that Georgia has been discharged from hospital. He wants to help, but needs to set things straight with Kate first. After he tells her that their relationship is over, Kate heads for the hospital, where she runs into Mark Brennan.

Thursday 20 February

After the operation, Brad is shocked when the doctor tells him that it is unlikely that Josh will ever swim again. He tries to keep the truth from Josh, but Mason inadvertently blurts it out. Both Josh and Brad accuse Mason of deliberately engineering the accident. Kate is flustered by the appearance of her ex, but it is Paul who reveals to Brennan that Kate is currently nursing a broken heart, thanks to Kyle.

Friday 21 February


Brennan was not intending to remain in the area, but decides to stay after realising how devastated Kate is. He is happy to accept Danni’s offer of a job in the garage. Sheila persuades Georgia to allow Kyle to be part of the baby’s life, but Georgia is quick to define the extent of his involvement. After his confrontation with Brad, Mason has disappeared, which leads to a violent disagreement between Brad and Matt.