Britain’s Got Talent: David Walliams on what will “really annoy” Simon Cowell

Comedian jokes he hasn’t wanted to “peak too soon” with the Golden Buzzer and has an idea of what wouldn’t go down well with the media mogul

BGT judge David Walliams has the power to put one act straight through to the semi-final with a push of the Golden Buzzer… but will he use it?


Each judge can choose one act, and with four days left in London, Walliams is still yet to press his.

Time for some cheeky behaviour, no? After all, Walliams certainly seems to have fun playing up to Cowell on the panel. Even today at the Britain’s Got Talent red carpet Walliams arrived dressed as Cowell’s chauffeur.

But while he’s looking for an act he loves, Walliams is aware what will rile Cowell.

“I’d like an act that only I like. As long as the audience don’t hate them, as I know that would really annoy Simon,” Walliams exclusively tells

On waiting until the last leg of auditions Walliams adds, “I didn’t want to peak too soon like some people” giving a mischievous nod to Cowell.

“It’s a hard one as we don’t know what’s coming. We’ve got four days here in London, we’re probably going to see a couple of hundred acts. I supposed you just want to give it to the most deserving person at the end of the day.

“That could be someone that just I like, or it could be someone we all like.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns later this year