The Big Reunion 2014: Girl Thing’s Jodi Albert on being labelled Simon Cowell’s “biggest mistake”

Kian Egan's other half responds to comments made by Simon Cowell back in her band's nineties heyday...

Back in the nineties, Girl Thing were supposed to fill the void left by The Spice Girls. But rather than see their stars rocket into the pop stratosphere, Jodi Albert, Linzi Martin, Anika Bostelaar, Michelle Barber and Nikki Stuart saw their multi-million pound marketing campaign come to nothing, their careers fizzle and an abrupt split that has kept them apart… until now.


Back in the spotlight and keen to set the record straight, Jodi – the wife of King of the Jungle and Westlife singer Kian Egan – is quick to counter comments made by pop supremo Simon Cowell that appeared to suggest the band were his biggest mistake. 

Speaking to, Albert explained, “I don’t think Simon’s quote was meant at us. I don’t think he meant we did something wrong to him and it was a mistake. I think he meant in general the whole concept of Girl Thing was probably a bad business mistake because we were supposed to be the next Spice Girls and the Spice Girls were still releasing an album.

“I still know Simon. He’s always supported everything I’ve done so I don’t think it was meant as catty as it sounded. If he saw us now, he’d be lovely and regardless of anything that’s been said, at the end of the day Simon Cowell gave us our first break so we wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for him.”

Series 2 of The Big Reunion begins tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2