Coronation Street: who will murder Tina McIntyre?

Just who will kill off Michelle Keegan's character?


We’ve already been told that Tina McIntyre is to make a terminal exit from Coronation Street. And we know that she’ll be meeting her maker thanks to murder. But who is going to be responsible for the crime?


According to today’s Sun, Corrie will film four different scenarios for actress Michelle Keegan’s final scenes, so as to keep the true identity of the culprit under wraps.

A source told the newspaper: “Bosses are keen for Tina’s murder to be the soap’s next big dramatic storyline following the suicide of Hayley Cropper. But they are insistent that who kills her must remain a secret and so they’ve hatched a plan to film Tina being murdered four times by four different characters.”

But who do you think will do away with the Rovers’ barmaid? Take a look at our list of possible candidates and then cast your vote:

Tracy Barlow
Well, let’s face it, she’s got form. Having seen off Charlie Stubbs in 2007 thanks to a well-aimed swipe with a statue, it’s certainly possible that Tracy will terminate Tina. But will she be able to resist the temptation to pinch Tina’s Ugg boots and fur-collared leather jacket and put them on the shelves of Barlow’s Buys? Anything to make a quick profit…

Simon Barlow
His life has been a long catalogue of disasters: mum dead, rabbit dead, every nativity play ruined thanks to Peter being drunk…so could his dad’s affair with Tina be the straw that broke the Barlow’s back? Maybe a troubled Simon will repeatedly smack Tina over the head with his Nintendo DS?

Peter Barlow
All hell could break loose if Tina and Peter’s affair comes to light. Maybe Peter will clobber his mistress with a bottle of Jack Daniels for ruining his marriage to Carla? We hear that Chris Gascoyne could be taking a break some time in 2014 – will Peter be spending that time behind bars? And could he even be taking the rap for Simon’s crime?

Carla Barlow
If Tina is found with her head stitched to the floor of Underworld, then we’ll know who’s to blame. Surely Peter’s trysts with Tina will eventually come to light and, when that happens, who knows what a scorned Carla could be capable of? She shot Tony Gordon under extreme duress during the famous siege and fire at the factory in 2010: will she end up taking aim at Tina in 2014?


Rob Donovan
He’s no stranger to criminality having served an eight-year-stretch in Strangeways for armed robbery. But will bad boy Rob stoop so low as to murder Tina? That stolen kiss with in the Rovers’ smoking shelter has already threatened his relationship with Tracy, but will events escalate towards possible homicide?