Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell gives heartbroken singer romantic advice

The BGT judge needs a different type of buzzer as he tells an auditioning act what he thinks of her previous boyfriend in no uncertain terms

Simon Cowell isn’t exactly known for giving out advice of the romantic kind, but judging by yesterday’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions, he could have his own agony uncle column.


At first, it seemed as though the latest act to belt out a ballad during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Birmingham this week was simply emotional from the performance. The singer turned her back on the audience to try and compose herself. But it turned out she was suffering from a broken heart, admitting she had been close to not coming to the auditions.

Cowell, who was impressed by the songstress, turned to the cameras and said, “You can delete this: f*** him.”

The crowd went absolutely wild.

In fact, Cowell had hit the nail on the head earlier when he asked the singer as she first walked on stage why she wasn’t married.

Was he interested?, she wondered cheekily. “I’m kind of taken,” replied Cowell cooly.