The curse of The Jump

A rundown of the many and varied injuries suffered by the celebs on Channel 4's winter sports reality show...

When we at first heard that Channel 4 was planning a reality TV show in which celebrities would hurtle down icy tracks, mountains and finally a 40 metre-high ski jump we did ask ourselves “Isn’t that quite dangerous? Mightn’t someone die?”


A week in and thankfully there haven’t been any fatalities (Channel 4’s safety procedures no doubt ensured that didn’t happen). On the other hand, there have been a lot of injuries and several celebrities were forced to leave before even having the chance to be knocked out (although, to be fair, Melinda Messenger did suffer a concussion which is close enough). 

All the celebs have picked up scrapes and bruises, of course, but here’s a rundown of some of the more serious injuries sustained in what is quite possibly the most dangerous reality show on British TV…

Sam Jones

The Flash Gordon star was out before the series even began. He injured his shoulder in (irony alert!) an over-enthusiastic celebration following a successful jump. Flash! Aaaarrgh!

Tara Palmer-Tompkinson

Ahead of the start of the series, TPT was favourite to win. But the cracks were already beginning to show. “I feel like I’m under a lot of pressure. I’m not very comfortable with being the favourite. I’m really not,” she told us when we went to visit the set. “It wasn’t for me,” she confirmed after heading for the door before the first episode was out.

Darren Gough

It’s probably just as well that Darren Gough was eliminated in episode three. Before taking on Sir Steve Redgrave in the jump, he listed a sprained wrist, a cracked rib, ligament damage and a gash in his right leg among his injuries. “My body’s just about stuck together,” he told us.

Melinda Messenger

The model and presenter was knocked out of the competition – quite literally. She suffered concussion after bashing her head during bobsleigh training and was advised she could no longer compete in the show. Her replacement Donal MacIntyre was subsequently left dazed after failing to climb aboard his bobsleigh in time.

Henry Conway

The socialite and fashionista was forced out after breaking his hand. Perhaps no surprise, given this was the man who advocated doing Jaegerbombs at the top of the slope…

Sir Steve Redgrave

Sir Steve is no stranger to pain. You don’t win your fifth Olympic rowing gold medal at the age of 38 without having put yourself through some serious stuff. So when we’re told that a tumble on the slopes on the very day of the final left him “in agony”, it’s no surprise to learn it was also enough to force him out of the competition. We don’t know as yet exactly what Sir Steve’s competition-ending injury is but it’s quite possible he’s exacerbated the broken bone in his hand sustained in an earlier fall.

Marcus Brigstocke

It was no laughing matter for the comedian, who had his leg in a splint after rupturing his cruciate ligament on the day of the final. “It was worth every second,” tweeted Brigstocke. “Can I come home now?


The former pop star actually got out in one piece but admits she was “thanking her lucky stars” that she didn’t get hurt. “The medics were congratulating me,” said Sinitta. That’s never a good sign, is it?

Watch this space for new Jump injuries…