Outnumbered kids reflect on their lives in the spotlight

The Outnumbered kids are growing up! Here’s what they have to say about their on-screen parents, siblings and their plans for the future

Meet the Outnumbered kids…


Jake: Tyger Drew-Honey, 18 this month, is now pursuing a full-time career in showbiz

How has Jake changed since we last saw him?

He finally considers himself an adult now and as a sort of third party – he patronises his parents about their parenting skills!

Do you and Jake have much in common?

Quite a lot of Jake was me, because we got to choose our own character names and the writers and directors knew the show was going to be heavily improvised to get naturalistic performances. The audition was all improvisation exercises.

Back then you never used to see the script. Has that changed?

From series two I always used to see a script at the start of the day. Sometimes it says “improvisation session” and we’ll sit down with the director and talk about ideas, but it will be one half-hour take when there’s no script at all.

Are you close to Ramona and Dan?

Even if we haven’t seen each other for months and months, the first day back on set, it’s like I saw them yesterday. I always felt a responsibility to be mature and so I never really engaged in arguments.

How do you fit education around filming?

This series I didn’t need to do any exams, so I just sat there and laughed at Dan and Ramona. I started A-levels in French and Spanish, but I’d rather just move abroad for a few months and brush up on my language skills that way. If acting doesn’t work out, I’d like to become a translator.

Have Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis become a second set of parents?

We’re obviously all aware that we play each other’s siblings and parents, so we play up to that a bit subconsciously. Hugh’s got a son a year younger than me, so he’ll say things about his son that I can relate to. At the end of the day Hugh or Claire will say: “Bye kids, we’re going to see our real family now.”

What have you been doing since the last series of Outnumbered?

I’ve got into presenting, which I really enjoy. I’ve just started filming Eye of the Tyger for BBC3, which is a Louis Theroux kind of thing and I get to meet some really interesting people.

It’s been announced that this is the final series. Will you miss Jake?

Of course. Jake is always within me. It will be sad not getting to act out as him and not to see him grow up even more.

Ben: Daniel Roche, 14, loves rugby and dreams of being a novelist

What’s it like being in the spotlight from the age of eight?

I guess if I’d started acting later, I probably would be affected by it, but as I started at such a young age I don’t know any different.

Would you like to act full-time one day?

I enjoy it, but I’d take it up more as a hobby than a career. I want to go to Cambridge to study English, to join the military and after that to try to write novels.

How has Ben changed since we last saw him?

He’s still quite naive and he still doesn’t understand how much of a pain he is. He’s more frustrated. Most of the series he’s overcoming his teenage angst about girls, his reputation…

Has Ben grown up as you would have liked him to?

I wish he’d played rugby instead of football – and been a bit more like me. I got quite irritated – just joke-irritated – when Ben’s school didn’t allow him to continue playing rugby because of his size and the amount of people he’d hurt.

Do you and Ben have much in common?

The directors brought in the naivety, but a lot of Ben comes from me, particularly when I was younger. Ben would be what I thought but knew not to say.

Are you close to Tyger and Ramona?

We barely see our friends from school when we’re filming, so we become really close. The whole team is a very tight-knit community, because the crew is very small and we’ve had practically the same crew every series.

Who do you quarrel with more – your on-screen siblings or your own two brothers?

I get into arguments with Tyger, but we both quite enjoy conflict and debating, so I always liked that. With Ramona, it’s always quite banterous. I’ve never really had a falling out with my real brothers because they’re a lot older than me.

Do you have lines or improvise?

I don’t revise the script at all but I see what the scene’s about and take it from there. Before, the director would tell me what was happening; now, I just see for myself.

How do you fit education around filming?

It makes keeping up with schoolwork a lot more difficult. I also feel bad because I let my school rugby team down.

Will you be sad to say goodbye to Ben?

Definitely – and to say goodbye to the directors and Hugh and Claire. I won’t have to say goodbye to Tyger and Ramona, because we’ll probably still make sure we keep in touch.

Karen: Ramona Marquez, 12, likes “screamo” bands and the idea of going on the road

You were just five when you shot the pilot…

I remember it was at the director’s actual house and there was a scene where I had to say “hypocrite”. I didn’t know what it meant so I remembered it by thinking of “hippopotamus”.

Do you and Karen have much in common?

We were very similar when we were little; I do like to argue and think I’m right.

How has Karen changed since we last saw her?

She’s become more antisocial. She’s always on her phone and she doesn’t really talk to her parents much – like a normal pre-teen.

Do you decide what Karen wears?

No! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come out of costume grimacing. She likes sequins and bows, whereas I usually wear black boots, black tights, black skirt and band T-shirts.

Whose idea was the new hairdo?

Mine. Since the last series I’ve also had more piercings – two in one ear, three in the other. The costume girls weren’t pleased!

Do you get recognised?

Not at the moment, because I look very different. Sometimes I feel like I’m not looking my best or I’m not in a very good mood. I don’t want to turn people down or be rude, but I also don’t want an awful picture of me.

Who do you quarrel with more, your own siblings – three older brothers, one older sister – or on-screen ones?

It’s really different. Me and my brothers have a lot more arguments, and they don’t really talk to me very much. If I argue with Dan and Tyger it’s friendly banter, not really spiteful.

Have Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis become a second set of parents?

They’re like an auntie and an uncle because they don’t tell me off for things, but they do have a parent-y role.

Would you like to act full-time one day?

I’d like to perform – maybe something in music or dancing. I’d also quite like to be a writer.

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