Doctor Who: Fans react to Peter Capaldi’s new outfit

It looks like the first, third, ninth Doctor's. It looks like a magician's outfit. It needs accessories. No it doesn't. Doc Martens are cool. Are they...?

Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who outfit was unveiled tonight, and while some people found it a little “boring”, it’s safe to say the overall reaction (on Facebook, Twitter and to the stylish, stripped back look was positive.


Nevertheless, questions remain. Which former Doctor’s outfit does it most resemble? Should the bow-tie be replaced with a new sartorial accessory? Are Doc Martens cool? And is there perhaps a touch of magic in the air…?

Which Doctor?

Dappercat – … Love it! I can see influences of the first, third and eighth Doctors but modernised. Very good call.

As Peter Capaldi did on his unveiling, I can just see him holding those coat lapels ala William Hartnell …

Chris Hormann – A bit of 3, a smidge of 1 and thankfully nothing of 6.

Garrett Chandler Gopen – Anyone getting a little Jon Pertwee influence?

The Doctor’s Girl ‏@Jfynboh – he looks like a modern Third Doctor. He looks frankly AWESOME!!!

Tina Corbett – I like it, very clean like Chris’s but still has a Hero coat.
got a pertwee and matt feel to.

To accessorise or not to accessorise?

Jorge L De Jesus – Needs something distinctive, like a scarf , a tie, a pendant , something

Brandon Lagasse – He doesn’t require an accessory like a bowtie, his accessory is his eyebrows and that glare.

Bill Hope – I think a black wide brimmed fedora would be awesome with it….

Leah Elizabeth – I love it but someone give the man a pocket watch!

Dan Dubinsky – I wear no tie now. No ties are cool!

heather marsham ‏@rubygates71 – Love it but I can’t help thinking that a snowy white Regency neck tie would set it off perfectly.

Aaron Chevalier – falls flat to me. He needs a scarf, an ascot, a silly hat, a puffy shirt… something.

Jeff Miller – No fez, no bowtie. I like it.

Greg Damron – I like it but would have liked a scarf with it

Alan Groves – An absence of bow ties, fezzes and stetsons is cool! No question marks, scarves or celery! Just the man, with attitude. Even his eyebrows!

That’s magic!

Jericho Cain – He looks like a cheap magician.

Joe Coughlin – Is….THIS your card?

Mark John Henning Jr. – he looks like his next trick will be pulling a rabbit out of his hat… lol

Tania Morgan – Looks brilliant. Kind of regal and historic, with a touch of magician. His own personal touch and he’s going to be amazing

Michelle Gentile Ballard – He looks like he’s about to saw a woman in half.

Doctor… Martens

greyladydown – Yay, the Doc is wearing Docs, how appropriate, the all action footwear! This is a look appropriate to Capaldi’s own vintage, so excited about him taking the role. Lots of us long-established fans out here with high hopes for some great classic story lines.

steveD ‏@stiofandafyyd – Peter Capaldi’s costume as the new Doctor is kinda… meh. But I do love that he’s wearing Doc Martens.

Paul Kedrosky ‏@pkedrosky – Not sure how I feel about new Doctor Who in Doc Martens. Wait, I am sure. I don’t like it.

Sarah Rimmer ‏@SarahSRimmer – Love Peter Capaldi’s outfit. I have a feeling Doc Martens will be the new Converse.

Omar Khan ‏@OmarKhan1959 – Peter Capaldi is the only man who could pull off a stylish Doc Martens/cardigan combo.

Josh Smith – He can use these shoes to look under Claras skirts and see if shes wearing underwear…