Coronation Street spoilers: “Sophie has very strong feelings for Maddie,” says Brooke Vincent

"Maddie having baggage or being troubled doesn’t scare Sophie. She likes the challenge"

Sophie (Brooke Vincent) and Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) find that there’s more to Maddie (Amy Kelly) than meets the eye next week when they tail her back to a flat. Their surprise visit finds Maddie’s mum mistaking the Websters for social workers, while Sally and Sophie find their hearts going out to Maddie’s brother, who needs to be returned to the foster home from which he’s run away. But amid the confusion and the subterfuge, will Sophie actually end up telling Maddie how much she likes her? Here, Brooke Vincent gives her take on upcoming events and whether there’s love in the air for Sophie and Maddie: 


So, how is Sophie feeling in the wake of her kiss with Maddie?
When Maddie kisses her, it’s a bit of a shock for Sophie. She’s not shocked in a bad way though – she wanted Maddie to kiss her but wasn’t really expecting it. Because it all happened so quickly and because Maddie is not very good at talking about her feelings, she just runs away. It’s very confusing for Sophie.

What happens when Sophie actually gets to talk to Maddie about the kiss?
Sophie arranges to meets Maddie on the Red Rec and they do talk about it. Sophie is just getting through to Maddie, but Sally turns up, which makes Maddie flustered and she runs off. Sophie’s really confused and frustrated at this point, so she and Sally follow Maddie to a flat. She gets a bit of a shock when a woman answers the door who isn’t Maddie.

And what do they learn about this stranger?
They find out that the woman who answered the door is Maddie’s mum and that she isn’t very stable. They also discover that Maddie has a little brother in foster care. She notices that she’s quite sensitive towards her mum – she’s usually quite feisty and hard-faced to Sophie, but in front of her mum she’s quite quiet and loving. It’s an eye-opener for Sophie and Sally. I think it’s actually the first time Sally actually feels sorry for Maddie.

Amid all this, does Sophie get to tell Maddie how she feels about her?
No, she doesn’t really. She just wants to help her. I think Sophie is a bit of a saint who’s addicted to helping people. And the fact that Maddie is so troubled makes Sophie want to be more involved with Maddie.

Will the fact that Sally disapproves of Maddie cause problems for her and Sophie?
Sally is always disapproving of everything! If it’s not Sally’s idea, then she doesn’t like it but Sophie’s at that stage in her life where she’s not that bothered what her mum thinks anymore. She’s made a decision and she’s going to go ahead with it.

And then we get an interesting scene where Sophie tells Tim that she’s thinking of Maddie all the time – do you think Sophie now feels closer to Tim?
Yes, that’s a nice moment between Sophie and Tim because they never used to really like each other. I think Tim is now starting to understand Sophie. It’s never really been brought up in conversation with Tim that Sophie is a lesbian, so it’s nice for Sophie because he’s not judging her. He’s telling her that he thinks she likes Maddie more than she’s letting on.

Do you think Sophie could be in love with Maddie?
I wouldn’t go as far to say that she is in love, but she has very strong feelings for her. Like I said, Sophie loves to help people and the fact that Maddie seems in need of assistance has made Sophie want to be with her even more.

Maddie does have a lot of baggage though – is Sophie capable of handling that?
Definitely. Sophie thinks she can help Maddie and organise her life – or at least that’s what she’d like to do. Maddie having baggage or being troubled doesn’t scare Sophie. She likes the challenge.

Do you think that Maddie could lead Sophie astray?
If Sophie isn’t careful, she could lead her astray. But Sophie is very grounded and has strong morals, so I don’t think it will be an easy thing for Maddie to do. Sophie knows who she is and what she’s about, so hopefully she’ll be able to resist that side of Maddie.

And how do you think Maddie compares to Sophie’s other girlfriends?
She’s completely different to her other girlfriends, but maybe that’s what Sophie needs. Sophie’s always done the chasing and I think she needs to man up a bit. With Maddie, she seems to be able to do that. We’ve seen Sophie call Maddie’s bluff, we’ve seen her get aggressive with Maddie when she stole the watch. And it was nice to see that side of Sophie because she’s usually so saintly.


Are you happy with Sophie’s new romance? And how are you getting on with actress Amy Kelly?
Yes, it’s lovely because I’m busy again and it’s nice to be working with someone new. I love Amy – she’s like my little sister but she’s much cleverer than me. I do feel like I have to look after her, though, because being 18 and in a new job is quite scary. So I’m there for her if she has any questions or just wants a chat.