Sherlock’s Louise Brealey: Molly is like Dirty Dancing’s Baby

Molly is “unthreatening” and fans from all around the world “just really like her”, says the actress


Sherlock star Louise Brealey receives fan letters from all over the world celebrating lab assistant Molly Hooper – and the actress thinks comparisons can be drawn with the leading lady from a certain 1980s film classic.


“She’s unthreatening. I always [compare it to] Dirty Dancing,” Brealey tells Entertainment Weekly, “She’s sort of Baby, wanting Johnny Castle to change her world. She embodies that.”

Maybe she’s on to something. After all, while he’s not been seen leaping about in a lake, we know Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock can (and loves to) dance…

Molly certainly came into her own in the third series. She joined Sherlock on a case, appears to have been rather integral to his survival of the fall and has found herself a new man (albeit a Sherlock lookalike).

And fans from all corners of the globe seem to like it. “A lot of young Chinese women really, really love Molly,” says Brealey. “The Philippines. Russia. There’s lots [of fans] all over Europe. America, obviously. Canada. Everywhere. They just really like her.”

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