Emmerdale spoilers: Val confides HIV fears to Victoria – Isabel Hodgins interview

But will Eric be left in the dark about his wife's worries?

A troubled Val (Charlie Hardwick) is to reveal her HIV fears to Victoria in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale.


“She’s scared for Val and a little bit in disbelief, much like Val is at this point,” says Isabel Hodgins, who plays Victoria. “The trouble is, Val doesn’t even know 100 per cent whether she’s HIV positive. She hasn’t actually been for any tests. But in her head, she’s adamant she’s going to die and that she may or may not have given it to Eric. Val is definitely thinking of the worst-case scenario.”

The problem is also exacerbated later in the week with Val still in denial and more determined than ever that Eric (Chris Chittell) shouldn’t discover the truth. And this time it’s Victoria who bears brunt of Val’s anger when she burns the HIV support literature that’s been offered to her.

“Yes, the offer of support literature doesn’t go down well,” admits Hodgins. “Victoria gives it to her in the café, which is obviously a public place. And although Val needs the help, she doesn’t want it. So she ends up setting fire to the leaflets. Victoria is trying to be of assistance, but she’s being a hindrance at the same time.”


So does the actress think that Victoria would reveal all to Eric if Val continues to stick her head in the sand? “Victoria loves both Val and Eric, and because this is so serious and potentially life threatening, she feels Eric deserves and needs to know. So if Val continues to refuse, then I feel that Victoria would take matters into her own hands.”