Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

20-24 January: Indi comes to a decision about Chris, while Nate is seriously concerned about Josh

Monday 20 January


The search is on for Josh, who has a serious infection and could die if he is not found. Oscar starts school, determined that no one should know that Zac is his uncle. Casey reassures Tamara,who is worried about her exam results. Bianca and Zac have a battle on their hands to integrate the unruly Mangrove River kids. One student in particular, Matt Page, seems determined to cause trouble.

Tuesday 21 January

As he helps him recover, Nate tells Josh that he needs to sort things out with Maddy, which leads to a reconciliation. Kyle gets fed up with Nate’s presence and quits Angelo’s. After her office is trashed, Bianca is encouraged by Heath to give the prime suspect, Matt, a second chance. Matt later squares up to Oscar, who is having a hard time accepting Zac as a father figure.

Wednesday 22 January

After conferring with Sasha, Chris decides to return to the cult and try to persuade Spencer to leave. Murray soon discovers his plans, however, and forces his opinion on to Spencer, leading to a fracas. Ricky has to intervene as tension between Kyle and Casey mounts. While Harvey and Winston remain lost at sea, Roo is determined to hold it together.

Thursday 23 January

Haunted by dreams of Romeo, Indi faces up to the fact that she needs to split up with Chris and make a new start away from the Bay. As he tries to formulate a plan to be with Nina, Jett is happy when he overhears Marilyn and John discuss how much they want to be together. As his exams approach, Heath’s confidence hits rock bottom.

Friday 24 January


Indi’s imminent departure prompts Dex and April to bring forward their wedding.As Roo worries about Winston and Harvey, she steps into the role of wedding planner. When Jett says that he wants to go to a private school to be close to Nina, John has to tell himthat he cannot afford it. John receives a call from the Navy about Winston and Harvey. After getting a beating from Murray’s disciples, Spencer realises that he has to leave the cult.