10 of the best reality TV moments from 2013

Joey Essex's Joey-isms, Sharon Osbourne's return to the X Factor panel and a Bake Off custard catastrophe - reality TV had a lot to offer in 2013

Dancing, camping, business planning… reality TV shows have certainly kept us busy during 2013. Of course, by busy, I mean we’ve sat at home and given our verdicts while doing little more than reaching for our mugs of tea.


Or is that Gogglebox?

There’s been tears, tantrums, headline-grabbing eyebrows(!) … who knows what 2014 will bring us. But for now, here’s some of the best bits from 2013:

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is all about poise, grace, elegance… and judge Bruno Tonioli falling off of his chair. A Strictly tradition that looks like it’s going nowhere:

The X Factor 2013 final

Wagner was back for this year’s X Factor final. I repeat, WAGNER WAS BACK. He had drums and a pirate hat. The world was instantly a better place. 

The X Factor week two

Sharon Osbourne brought more than a winning competitor to this year’s X Factor live shows. When yelling at Louis Walsh to save her act didn’t work, she just smooched him. Good to have had you back Mrs O.


Lady Gaga on X Factor

Of course, Mrs O wasn’t the only one bringing a little something extra to the show. Lady Gaga was there with her shell bikini – what could go wrong? Well, since you ask, it could fall off…


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Welcome to Planet Joey Essex where it transpires learning to blow your nose the “professional way” and learning to tell the time aren’t essential skills.


The Apprentice

Who knew using a microwave would be such a problem for Apprentice candidate Alex Mills? Now, what does this big button do…


The Apprentice

Jason Leech may not have won the show, but viewers certainly took him into their hearts. Here he is trying to explain what a falcon hood is in true Brits abroad fashion.

Made in Chelsea

Mark Francis on the fine line between being his friend and not being his friend – a sleeping bag.



Romance certainly isn’t dead. Leon and June talk Strictly Come Dancing and Susanna Reid’s legs…

The Great British Bake Off

Was there anything better than Howard in this year’s Great British Bake Off? He went through custard stealing and an elbow in one of his buns, before finally being voted out. He also revealed he’s a bit of a runner and thanks to the wonders of YouTube, here he is running to the Baywatch theme tune.