Call the Midwife Christmas special – what did you think?

Did BBC1's trip to festive Poplar have you reaching for the tissues... or the remote?

What an episode that was, eh? We had wedding bells, exploding bombs and deadly diseases.


A man attended a labour for the first time, we learned a little about Trixie’s past and Jenny flirted with her new boyfriend. 

If you ask me, being snuggled up with Chummy and co for company was a heartwarming way to spend an hour and a quarter this Christmas. 

But what did you think?

Did it have you blubbing and reaching for the tissues? Or was the series’ sweet and sentimental message a bit much for you post-Christmas lunch? 

Is Call the Midwife up there with the festive greats? On its way to becoming a Christmas institution, even? 

Or could you do without the red cardigan-ed residents of Poplar?


Tell us what you thought of the feature-length episode in the comment box below…