Jonathan Ross judges Tom Daley’s interview to perfection

Can an interviewer improve and even mature after 50? It looks that way, says Mark Jefferies

All eyes will be on Tom Daley on Saturday night when he appears on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross show.


People will listen with interest as he talks in his first interview about “love at first sight” with his new boyfriend and what it meant to come out on YouTube.

With any luck, viewers will barely notice the questions and will just think how well 19-year-old Tom is answering and how mature he is being.

But he is not the only one who seems to be growing up and performing admirably.

The Wossy of old might have struggled with this chat. I’m thinking back to the time he asked PM David Cameron about sexual fantasies about Margaret Thatcher or when he told Gwyneth Paltrow he wanted to sleep with her in another OTT moment on the BBC.

Get the tone wrong with Daley, and a nation would have been on his back.

But actually, Wossy judged this one to perfection.

Before Daley took to the sofa, the host actually fluffed his introduction once, admitting to the audience he felt “emotional” about speaking to the Olympic diver.

He then cleverly warmed Tom up with some light questions about his reality diving show Splash!, many of which won’t make the edit, before moving onto the main subject of his sexuality.

His first question was simple: “The announcement you did this week you put out on YouTube. Tell us about the thought process leading up to that? Why YouTube and why now?”

Wossy then probed without prying too much, letting Daley talk at length and then ended saying: “I think I speak for everyone when I say how proud we are of you, which might sound weird, and I hope it doesn’t. We’re proud of you.”

At 53 Wossy is a pretty old dog to be learning new tricks. But this series he seems to be stepping back and letting his guests speak more, which I’ve noticed viewers praising.

And with Daley he didn’t dive straight in, and completed a mature interview which I think millions of viewers will enjoy this weekend.

Well done Tom and well done Wossy. 

Mark Jefferies is Showbiz Editor at the Daily Mirror

The Jonathan Ross Show is on Saturday at 10:45pm on ITV