Christmas 2013: gift ideas for Doctor Who fans

From calendars to cookie cutters, Tardises to teapots, here's exactly what to buy your favourite Whovian this Christmas...

Do you have a Whovian in your house? A wannabe Time Lord yearning to climb aboard a Tardis and lose themselves in Space and Time? If so, you’re probably wracking your brains for gift ideas this Christmas – but fear not. We may not have a sonic screwdriver (yet), but we are here to help with some Doctor Who-themed gift suggestions…


Count down the days to series eight

Matt Smith may be taking his final bow in this year’s Christmas special, but we’ve got plenty to look forward to in 2014 with a new series of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Mark off the days until the Doctor returns with this official Doctor Who 2014 calendar featuring eleven Doctors… 

From £8.99. Buy here

Snugger on the inside

Don’t just own a Tardis… be a Tardis with this snug Doctor Who onesie. We can’t think of a more stylish way to keep warm during these bitter winter evenings… 

From £32.99. Buy here


Mornings are a bore, aren’t they? But we bet you’d be a lot happier sitting down to breakfast with this Eggsterminator egg cup to dunk your soldiers into…

From £4.99. Buy here

Time for Tea

Any true Whovian no doubt already has a stash of Who mugs in their cupboard. But what about a Who teapot? With a Tardis on it? Yet another excuse to jazz up your Who-themed breakfast table… 

From £39.99. Buy here

Play Doctors and companions

Once you’ve had your brekkie, you’ll probably want nothing more than to crawl back into bed. Especially with these Time Lord and Companion pillows to add a little spice to your duvet set. 

From £17.55. Buy here

Advance to Go! 

Christmas = family and what better way to entertain a whole gaggle of Whovians than with a game of Doctor Who Monopoly? Featuring eleven Doctors plus everyone’s favourite companions, monsters and baddies, make sure you spend your Doctor Who tokens wisely… 

From £34.99. Buy here

Wall Candy

December is a stressful month. The shops are stuffed full of frantic punters, the race for the plumpest turkey is on and you’ve got a household of people to keep entertained. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us to CHILL OUT. That person is the Doctor…  

From £16.99. Buy here

The battle of the sonic screwdrivers

Following on from the success of the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (top, released last year) the BBC have produced another for fans of his predecessor, David Tennant (below). Our verdict? As impressive as the Tenth Doctor’s trusty tool sounds on paper, we prefer the Matt Smith version but if you’re still unsure you can read our reviews for both here and here

The Eleventh Doctor’s screwdriver from £55. Buy here
The Tenth Doctor’s screwdriver from £69.95. Buy here

The Great Gallifreyan Bake Off

While the Doctor fuels himself on fishfingers and custard, most of us take a more traditional approach in the kitchen. If you’re buying for a baker, here’s a chance to jazz up their Christmas sweet treats with a Doctor Who twist. These Whovian cookie cutters feature a whole host of your favourite characters, from Daleks to Cybermen (but not a Jammie Dodger in sight)…

From £4.99. Buy here

Hark the Weeping Angels Sing

One thing a Whovian probably won’t have is a Weeping Angel to place atop their Christmas tree. Give them the heebie jeebies with this creepy decoration guaranteed to keep them alert this festive season.

From £31.35. Buy here