Six reasons we’re pleased Mark Benton stayed in Strictly Come Dancing

From his enthusiasm to his shiny outfits, we are glad we get to see another week of Mr Benton's dance floor moves


1. He’s actually getting better


This week he scored 29 points, his best so far. And while some people think former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton should have been saved by the judges, she was on a bit of a downhill slope after week five’s 30. Benton’s still got further to go…

2. He puts in the effort

If we were feeling cliched we’d say he gives 110%. He might not be the best dancer but he’s putting the hours in, he’s trying his very hardest and he’s completely focused on the task at hand, even when said task is a tough one. 

3. He looks sensational in gold

We don’t know why. There’s just something about it which suits his portly physique. 

4. And in silver

It might be shiny fabrics in general, actually…

5. He doesn’t take himself too seriously

A Strictly must. If you’re frowning or awkward to watch, we don’t care if you’re dancing well.

6. He was in this Aero advert

Remember it? Don’t you just love the way he says bubbly chocolate? Bubbly chocolate. 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1