Meeting One Direction will be a big night for Jonathan Ross

Welcoming the boy band to his ITV chat show could land the host a new young audience, says Mark Jefferies

Tonight, in an ITV studio, Jonathan Ross will adjust his suit before heading out in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time to present and record his chat show.


He’s been doing it on ITV a couple of years and on BBC1 from 2002-2010, but I feel it is a big night for him and his career.

The 52-year-old has been sharper this year and started his run beating Graham Norton in the ratings thanks to guests like Tom Hanks pulling in a peak of 4.4 million viewers.

Since then the quality of guests has dropped off a bit, but he remains strong with around four million viewers, up a million on last year.

Last week saw John Barrowman and Johnny Vegas on the sofa making up the numbers.

This week the world will be watching. 

And that is not a thing you can say too often about ITV, aside from when you refer to Downton Abbey.

Realistically, young viewers from around the world will tune in on TV or illegally online the One Direction interview.

In particular Jonathan will get a boost from lots of teenage girls watching in the UK, which could see him get close to a peak of 5m if he is really lucky.

This is a great boost for Jonathan and in my eyes a great opportunity. 

Many 1D fans will be watching for the first time. Do a good job and they might return when other young guests are on.

But insult Harry or Louis, or be too sleazy or silly, and Wossy will face death threats on Twitter and the opportunity will be wasted.

Good luck tonight Wossy, there is only one direction the audience numbers will be going this weekend.

Mark Jefferies is deputy showbiz and TV Editor at the Daily Mirror

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday 16 November at 9:30pm on ITV