Strictly: girl power, sailor costumes and smooth movers – the best of week seven

A feather hemmed dress and a turn-around for Ashley Taylor Dawson added to the action this weekend on Strictly Come Dancing

1. The girls were in charge


Not that we don’t love Brucie… but with the veteran TV presenter giving his weary legs a rest this week ahead of next week’s trip to Blackpool, we had a whole live show with Claudia Winkleman. And she was brilliant. There were even slightly less cringe-inducing jokes (though Tess did her best to fill the gap) and Claud was a breath of fresh air up in the Strictly rafters with the celebrities… 

“When you started, I don’t want to rain on your parade but, you really couldn’t move. And now you can!… That was supposed to come out differently.”

2. Ben Cohen joined the Navy 

Hello sailor! This week saw rugby star Ben Cohen try backflips instead of stripping. It seems the audience loves big Ben even when he keeps it buttoned up – they rewarded his gymnastic efforts with a standing ovation – but the judges weren’t so easily persuaded. 

Bruno stayed true to form, saying “I don’t know why but I have an irresistable urge to join the Navy”, but Craig gave Ben a measly 4, dragging his total down into the 20s… He’ll clearly need to revert to plunging neck lines if he wants to impress CRH. 

3. Susanna swirled around the dancefloor 

Susanna Reid’s romantic waltz was brilliant. The smily BBC Breakfast presenter was awarded 36 points for her swirly efforts – her and Kevin’s highest score so far. Now, there was no denying the dancing was good, but forget the footwork, I for one was mesmerised by her dreamy dress.

Who wouldn’t love to have that frothy, feather-hemmed number in their wardrobe? If the costume department doesn’t need it anymore, I’d be happy to give it a good home… 

4. Patrick was a smooth mover 

Casualty star Patrick Robinson has well and truly overcome his wrist injury, hasn’t he? The suave star shot to the top of the leader board with 37 points for his American smooth (aided, by the fact that stand-out celeb dancer Natalie Gumede was unwell and couldn’t perform). Looks like he could be a contender for the Strictly glitterball, after all… 

5. Ashley Taylor Dawson was on the up 

The Hollyoaks star has been a strong contender since the beginning, but he’s been stuck around the low 30s for WEEKS now. This Saturday’s quickstep saw him jump up into serious consideration, though. 

“Amazing” said Craig of Ashley and Ola’s jazzy dance to Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Ashley was awarded 35 points, his highest yet. And I’ll totally be his girl. Just saying… 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1