Downton Abbey series 4, episode 7: the best quotes

From brainless dullards to drunken vicars, whatever the storyline Julian Fellowes has a special way with words...

Mary to Robert: “I’ve been married. I know everything.”


Robert to Branson: “Look after all my women-folk.”

Carson to Hughes: “You are quite a plotter when you want to be, aren’t you…”

Edith to Rosamund: “Have you met my neice and her charming bastard?”

Violet to Dr Clarkson: “I want another nurse. This one talks too much. She’s like a drunken vicar.”

Mary to Cora: “How can two brainless dullards like us hope to entertain Mr Blake?”

Mary to Charles Blake: “Should I get the pig man?”

Mary to Charles Blake: “You completely saved our bacon. Literally.”

Violet to Dr Clarkson: “Dr Clarkson, when you go will you please take that mad woman with you…”

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV.