X Factor 2013 Movie Week songs: Titanic, James Bond, Robin Hood, Skyfall – who’s singing what?

Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh are bringing out the big guns as the remaining singers take on famous film theme tunes in this weekend’s live show

It’s all getting rather dramatic among the females in the competition as big ballads dominate the song choices for this weekend’s movie week.


Sharon Osbourne’s only remaining candidate Sam Bailey is to sing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, while Nicole Scherzinger’s Hannah Barrett will belt out Adele’s James Bond theme tune, Skyfall.

Tamera Foster is singing Beyonce’s Listen from Dreamgirls and Abi Alton will take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme tune Moon River. We might as well start sobbing into our popcorn now.  

It’s hard to tell exactly what Louis Walsh’s act Sam Callahan is getting up to. He’s listed as performing All I Want Is You, which could be the U2 song (it’s been used in various films, including Reality Bites and Contagion) or it could be the rather bouncy Barry Louis Polisar track that was used on teen flick Juno. A rather strange choice if it’s the latter.

Rough Copy are set to go all soppy with Bryan Adams’s Robin Hood classic track Everything I do. Young Nicholas McDonald is going to perform Sarah McLachlan’s In The Arms Of An Angel. This is sure to run smoothly, as long as there’s no plan to bring on an ‘angel’ to hug him while he sings. Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t be able to cope. They’d have to turn her microphone off just to avoid another rant about him being too young for all of that.

Come Sunday it’s back to the business of guests with Lady Gaga and The Wanted taking to the stage. The main question here obviously being what will Lady Gaga wear?

Something meaty perhaps?

Of course another act will also be voted out. Sharon Osbourne will be hoping it’s another judges’ chance to live through sing-off misery.

Let’s face it, she’s probably hoping it’s Louis after snogging him failed to influence his vote last week

The X Factor continues at 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday on ITV