X Factor’s Louis Walsh: “I’m having so much fun this year – I might stay”

The music manager hints he may not give up his judging seat just yet


Louis Walsh fans, there’s still hope – he might not be leaving the X Factor at the end of the series after all.


While the long-standing judge admits he did indeed say he was going, he tells Jonathan Ross, “I’m having so much fun this year, I might stay.”

Things do seem to be pretty rosy in the Walsh camp, with all three of the acts in his boys’ category still in the competition. Although perhaps he could do without the screaming and smooching coming from his neighbouring judge Sharon Osbourne.

Having said that, Louis reveals she’s no wallflower when they’re not on the show.

“She’s worse. I was out with her once in LA she took them out [he points to his chest area]. Ozzy was there, it was fine, but she just did it. She’s great fun, we love her.”

Louis has even come up with a new nickname for Mrs O. “I told her she was like Judge Judy last week,” he jokes.

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