The Graham Norton show according to Sir Paul McCartney – in pictures

James Corden, Katy Perry, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Macca are on the sofa. OK, this probably isn't what happens, but it might...


Graham Norton has packed his sofa with a whopping five celebrity guest this week (well, they had to do something after the Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford combo last week) with Sir Paul McCartney alongside Katy Perry, James Corden and Thor stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. 


Of course Katy is there to talk about her new album, as is Sir Paul, James Corden’s even talking opera and Hemsworth is all about getting back into shape for Thor. 

But here’s what we like to imagine is actually going on as told by Sir Paul McCartney… 

Who are you people? When I clap my team usually come and resucue me. Clapping… CLAPPING.

I’m telling you Graham, they said I’d be the only one on the show and I’d get to sing all of my songs. 

I wonder if I could just sneak out while he keeps them occupied…

Oh goodness, I thought he was trying to punch me and now we’re just sort of, er, holding hands… 

Oh what the heck, while I’m here. Shall I play the air guitar?


See The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10:35pm, BBC1