Sweat the Small Stuff’s Nick Grimshaw and Rochelle Humes: series two will be anarchic and drunker

The pair join Melvin O'Doom to discuss unnecessary packaging, Mollie King eating from bins and what they wish hadn't ended up on TV...

How does it feel to be back for a second series?


Nick Grimshaw: It feels really exciting to be back – we film it on a Friday so it doesn’t feel like going to work. (To Rochelle) It might have done for you because everyone was drunk.
Rochelle Humes: It’s going to be my night off now. I’m going to be the annoying drunk.
Melvin O’Doom: I’m going to miss pregnant Rochelle, though.
R: Well, I always had the goods under my side of the table. I’d have a stash of chocolate and water and Melvin would go, “What have you got over there today?”

Rochelle, are you enjoying doing more TV work?

R: It’s different for me – it’s fun and I did TV work long before I did The Saturdays. It’s just different. We’ve never been that group when we only do The Saturdays – we all branch off and do bits and pieces here and there.
N: I’ll give you tips. I’ll swap you for singing lessons. I’m serious. It’s my worst thing that I can’t sing. My voice is even flatter than my speaking voice – it’s so horrible, it’s really sad. I’m good at rapping.
M: You know all the words to every Drake song.
R: I remember seeing you at Wireless and you knew every word.
N: I’m flatter than Drake.

So, what makes you all break a sweat?

R: Packaging at the minute. You know when you get a delivery sent to your house and it comes in a huge box and then you’ve got the other drama of dealing with the bins. That’s my sweat at the minute.
N: I hate that that stresses me out and that’s all I ever talk about. The bloody binman.
R: I sound like my mum – it’s that stage in my life.
M: At the moment I’m really sweating about the fact I’ve got to pretend I like football as a male. It’s the only way that guys can accept you into this world.
N: People who have their hair done at their wedding like they’ve never had their hair done before. And then you don’t look like you. You’d never look like that.

Now you’ve got your second series, are there elements of the show you’d like to see more of this time around?

N: It’s nice when it’s really anarchic. It feels like it might be infuriating for producers but really fun for us when it gets really chaotic. I really like it when it’s a bit more free.
M: And I think the bosses are trying to focus on facing your sweats.
R: Sticking a bin in front of me…

Would you like to have the other Saturdays back on?

N: I loved Mollie when she was on it.

What was her sweat?

N: That she eats food out of bins. And I thought, “You’d never reveal that, no one would ever say that, would you?” Ever. Now whenever I put food in a bin I think of Mollie King. I told her that the other day and she was like, “Oh no, do you think everyone who watched it thinks that?” Yep.

Do you regret anything you’ve done on the show?

M: Laura Whitmore exposed me when she came on. She said I add all of her friends on Facebook and try to date them. Which is true.
N: I regret saying that I’d met the “f-ing queen” because my dad got really upset about it.
M: And watching porn with my mum was probably…
R: I regret you doing that.
M: Because I didn’t think she’d be that bothered by it until she nearly started crying at the end of the VT. That got cut out – that’s an exclusive for you. So I now have to buy her a kitchen to say sorry.
R: He actually does, though. He has to buy her a kitchen. Please don’t tell my mum this because she will ask to come on the show if she thinks she can get a kitchen out of it. (To Rochelle) Would your mum go on the show?
R: If she could get a kitchen out if I think she would take one for the team.

You’re known for having a few drinks before the show… Who’s turned up sloshed?

R: Danny Dyer
N: Wretch. Wretch was wasted.
R: He’s quite like that, though.
N: “Wretch 32 is an alcoholic”
R: I’m friends with him so it’s all good. His personality’s chilled so, you know, when someone has a drink, they seem more drunk. I think Danny Dyer was drunk.
N: The Wanted – that was a drunk episode when it was The Saturdays versus the The Wanted.
R: I was off pushing a baby out!

Do you like it when they get drunk?

All three: Yes.

Do you watch the show back when it’s on TV?

N: I can’t watch myself on TV.
R: I’m the same as you.
N: It’s weird because I live alone so essentially I’d be in my house, on my own, watching myself. So that’s weird. 
M: I always watch myself. I Sky Plus it and watch it again – I really enjoy it. Have a few dates round and then I make them watch it. There’s nothing wrong with it.
R: That is so you!
N: If someone’s round I’ll make them watch it.
R: That’s what a lot of people say, that you should watch yourself back, but I hate it – even with my wedding video, I can’t watch it.
M: You haven’t watched it?
R: A bit but I fast-forward anything that’s to do with me.
N: All of it. There’s not a bit where you’re not in it.

Are you hoping for a third series?

N: Yes. You don’t feel like you’re doing work at all. Telly can sometimes be really long but it’s a really fun show and I think it’s a natural show. It feels like doing the radio – it doesn’t feel too forced. Like conversation which I think is really nice.

Sweat the Small Stuff is on tonight at 10pm on BBC3