Benedict Cumberbatch, Harrison Ford and Jack Whitehall on Graham Norton: 10 amazing pics

Tonight's edition of the BBC1 chat show is packed with superstars - and it looks like they had a right laugh

Brace yourselves, Cumberfans: tonight’s Graham Norton Show (10.35pm BBC1) sees your hero mixing it with proper Hollywood royalty in the shape of Harrison Ford, plus Bad Education funnyman Jack Whitehall. Massive giggles ensue.


Our spy in the audience at the recording (earlier this week) tells us that the C-bomb was so late, recording had to start without him, but when he did dramatically sashay onto the set he was looking especially hot, and seemed to entrance Harrison Ford almost as much as the screaming fans in the crowd.

You can expect Ben and Har to be quizzed on whether they’ll be in the new Star Wars movie, plus chat from Cumbers on The Hobbit, The Fifth Estate and that BBC1 detective show he’s in sometimes.

PLUS Graham wheeling out pictures of BC looking like an otter, and Benny doing a hilarious impersonation of one of the other people in the room… (NB we don’t know which of the above will make the final edit of the show.)

While you’re waiting, hot pix below…

1. “Listen son, you’ll never get anywhere doing these silly space movies”

 2. “So I screwed off the black, kissed the pink, and I was nicely on the red. Lovely”

3. “Dear Lord. Please let my hair stay this awesome for ever and ever. Amen”

4. “This guy, huh?”

5. “Sometimes it gets cold on Qo’noS”

6. “Whaddaya mean, who’s the biggest star here?”

7. “Okay, his hair is great. But the guy kinda looks like an otter”

8. “Ha ha ha! Graham, that’s so funny I’m going to crush this hummingbird”

9. “It was this big. That’s a respectably sized freshwater tench”

10. “Help! I’m stuck!”