Amanda Holden: control freak Simon Cowell is in for a shock – he’ll love his baby more than himself

"I find it really, really amusing" says Cowell's fellow Britain's Got Talent judge of his impending fatherhood

Simon Cowell has some new experiences in store when his first child is born, says Amanda Holden.


Not only will he discover an aspect of his life he doesn’t have full control over – he’ll also find out what it’s like to love someone more than himself, says his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge…

“The whole thing about Simon having a baby is, it’s a shocker,” Holden told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. “It’s fabulous – I find it really, really amusing because he’s such a control freak.

“This is not what he planned but it will be the best thing that’s happened to him,” she promised. “He won’t be in control because he won’t realise how much he’s going to love that baby. He’ll love it more than himself.”

She may well be right – but we’ll believe it when we see it…