Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie exposes David’s evil plot – Paula Lane interview

The Platts' world is blown apart as they gather for baby Lily's christening


Lily’s christening is supposed to be a time of family joy and celebration, but when that family is the Platts, you can be sure that things won’t turn out as planned. Next week, viewers will see secrets exposed and lies revealed as Kylie seeks vengeance at the church in front of the gathered guests. After finding out about husband David’s (Jack P Shepherd) evil plotting, she decides that the truth must out – but what does this mean for the future of her marriage? Here, actress Paula Lane reveals what’s in store as the ‘who’s the daddy?’ saga takes an unexpected turn:


Kylie’s not in a good place at the start of next week, is she? Is being a new mum making her exhausted – or is she panicking?
As anybody who has had a baby will understand, the physical and emotional demands that it puts on you are exhausting. So, aside from Nick being in a coma and all the guilt coming back up to the surface, she is really tired. Also, she’s never really taken to motherhood, so she is struggling.

But she definitely thinks that there is something going on with between Tina and David. What has made her so suspicious?
She doesn’t like them anywhere near each other anyway, but there was a scene on the bench where she saw them speaking and she knows they’ve been sending text messages. Kylie misreads their bond over the secret of the DNA test for passion and she feels heartbroken. It’s just not something you want to see your husband and his ex doing.

So tell us what happens when Kylie confronts Tina?
Again, there are a few occasions where she asks Tina what’s going on. Then she finds a hotel confirmation and she’s furious. She’s convinced David’s intending to take Tina away, not her. She confronts Tina, accusing her of having an affair ,but Tina flatly denies it. Kylie’s not convinced and she goes for Tina and ends up getting kicked out of the Rovers by Liz, who’s just arrived back in town.

And what happens next? Does David get involved?
David sees Kylie and Tina fighting in the street and assures Kylie that the hotel was for her. Kylie believes him and feels quite ashamed about her behaviour, but then when she goes to collect some DVDs from Eva, she finds the DNA results stuffed inside of one of the boxes.

So, at this point, does Kylie have any idea that David might know about her one-night stand with Nick? 
She’s really panicking and tells Nick about the DNA letter, but Nick just pretends to be alarmed and tries to assure Kylie that David knows nothing about their one-night stand. Kylie’s not so sure.

Does she work out the full extent of David’s revenge? 
She’s still convinced that Tina’s keeping something from her, so Kylie begs for her to reveal what it is. But all Tina says is that she needs to speak to Nick. Suddenly the scales fall from Kylie’s eyes and she realises that David knows about her and Nick and she just feels numb.

So what does Kylie end up doing? 
Kylie confronts Nick and he’s forced to admit that David found out about their one-night stand months ago and that it was David who orchestrated the vendetta against him. Kylie realises with shock that David tried to kill Nick. At this point, I think she feels the lowest she’s ever felt. This is the biggest betrayal – it’s too dark for her and she can’t comprehend that someone she shares her bed with could have done this.

Lily’s christening is the moment when all the awful truth comes out. Why does Kylie choose that day?
I guess she just thinks that now is the moment when all cards can be laid on the table and everything can just be blown up. There have been way too many secrets held back here and it’s a chance for everyone to just spill. She’s not really aware of her inhibitions, she just wants to know why he’s planned all these evil scenarios.

Is she scared for the future of her family and of David?
She’s worried that she wasn’t aware of what he was doing – and she’s gutted because the man she loves has done this. In her head, she also knows that she’s had a part to play in this. She has sort of pushed him to it by sleeping with Nick, but this is way darker than anything she ever imagined he would do.

What does Kylie fear the most?
She fears the Platts will exclude her and push her out and that she’ll be left with nothing. She thinks that she’s more disposable than any of them because, to her, blood is thicker than water. But it’s David who is ousted from their home and they all seem to rally around her because she has the children. She gets off quite lightly and David’s left with nothing.

Is this the end for David and Kylie? Is there any way back from this?
She does still love him – I don’t think you ever stop loving someone completely, even when you’re in this sort of situation. They have a bond because of Max and Lily, but she just can’t bring herself to forgive David at this point and doesn’t imagine that she ever will.


Are you looking forward to seeing the big reveal on screen? Is it a relief that everything is out in the open?
It’s a big relief. I’ll no longer have to read scripts ten times just to figure out what’s going on. It’s been very complicated and we’ve had to be on the ball, so I can’t wait for the screening. I’m very excited.