X Factor 2013 – meet Louis Walsh’s Judges’ Houses boys

These top six boys have made the cut and will join Louis Walsh for Judges' Houses where he'll pick which acts to join him at lives


Louis Walsh joined the judges in taking on the Bootcamp chair challenge and cut the boys down to these top six who will join him for Judges’ Houses…


Luke Friend

AGE: 17



Luke and that hair got Louis’s backing and scored a seat at Bootcamp. Yes, he has a very distinctive look with his quirky style and dreadlocked hair which has remained unwashed for 9 months. Luke got a huge reaction at his arena audition, where Gary said ‘get used to it, this is your future.’ His ultimate dream is to headline Glastonbury.

ROOM SONG: Stand By Me – Ben. E King 

ARENA SONG: Too Much Love Will Kill You – Queen

BOOTCAMP SONG: Alone – Heart

Giles Potter 

LOCATION: Worcester


Lovely Giles has been waiting for his 16th birthday so that he could audition for X Factor. Giles wowed the judges from the beginning with Gary telling him he had the full package. He is ready for the challenge and is going to grab it with both hands.

ROOM SONG: Price Tag – Jessie J 

ARENA SONG: Reet Petite- Jackie Wilson

BOOTCAMP: IWon’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Nicholas McDonald 

LOCATION: Motherwell


Nicholas gigs in local venues with his dad following him around and helping set up. He spends the money he earns on new equipment. Nicholas is from a quiet area in Scotland where there isn’t much opportunity for music. Nicholas has waited all his life to audition and wants to give back to his parents after their constant support of his singing. Louis told him after his first audition he would have given his performance 10 out of 10.

ROOM SONG: You Raise Me Up – Westlife

ARENA SONG: 1000 Years – Christina Perry

BOOTCAMP: I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

Paul Akister

LOCATION: Lancaster

OCCUPATION: Pub and club singer

Paul has been singing since from an early age and since he was 17 he has been gigging at pubs and clubs, although he now feels like he has outgrown them and is ready for bigger things. Paul is shy but feels like singing gives him confidence and turns him into a different person. 

ROOM SONG: Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke 

ARENA SONG: A Song for You – Donny Hathaway

BOOTCAMP: I’d Rather Go blind – Etta James

Ryan Mathie 


OCCUPATION: Mechanic/ Works for the council

Ryan currently works for the council maintaining vehicles, where he has been nicknamed by his colleagues as the singing mechanic. He has always watched The X Factor but has only just got the confidence to audition. He bought a guitar with his first pay cheque at 14 and has always been encouraged by family and friends to sing. His dream is to be on a tour bus. 

ROOM SONG: Jolene – Ray Lamontage

ARENA SONG: Get Lucky – Daft Punk

BOOTCAMP: Wake Me Up – Avicci 

Sam Callahan 



Sam works part-time as a bar man but his focus has always been on music. He went to Theatre School and has been in various bands and he has also performed at a few small festivals. He says that music is his life and his dream is to play gigs like Robbie Williams.

ROOM SONG: You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

ARENA SONG: You Need Me- Ed Sheeran


BOOTCAMP: Iris – GooGoo Dolls