Simon Cowell finally sings during X Factor USA auditions

The X Factor head honcho puts his mouth where his money is and “impersonates a singer”


Simon Cowell (with a bit of forced encouragement from his fellow X Factor USA judges) has finally, yes finally, sung during an X Factor audition.


It’s taken years. It’s taken many a temper tantrum from a disgruntled contestant demanding he do better. And now, Simon’s actually put his mouth where his money is.

After fellow judge Demi Lovato suggests that an auditioning act sounds exactly how she imagines Simon Cowell would sing, Kelly Rowland hops up on stage, grabs the microphone and thrusts it at the head judge.

It’s Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. Naturally.

So is he any good?

Well, we haven’t actually heard the evidence yet. The cheeky video cuts just before he swings into action, replacing Simon with a cute model dog.

Cowell mocks that the footage will never be seen. He even insists that he didn’t sing, rather that he “impersonated a singer”. But we get the sneaky suspicion this little gem is being held for a ruddy good airing when the episode hits US screens.

Indeed, while Cowell may joke it was “the worst night I’ve ever done” (we think he’s actually talking about the auditions in Denver, not his own singing), Rowland insists, “I knew that voice was always there.”

Let’s hope the model dog in the video clip is right and the footage will be aired later this year.