X Factor starts latest cat trend on Twitter

After contestant Colin Stacey auditioned armed with a framed picture of his cat, a new trend was born. Meet the #CatJudges

When X Factor contestant Colin Stacey brought a framed picture of his cat Patch to last weekend’s auditions, little did he know he was about to start a new feline-themed picture trend.


Forget cat bearding (you know, when you hold your cat up against your face so it looks like you’ve got a beard), now it’s all about the #CatJudges…

During Colin’s audition, his photo of Patch took up a spot on the floor in front of Louis, Sharon, Gary and Nicole, looking as if he actually was the fifth judge.

The X Factor Twitter account then called on viewers to tweet pictures of their own cats reacting to the auditions. The results are below…

Here, in case you missed it, is Colin’s audition:

And here’s how viewers (and their cats) responded… 

The X Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV