Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ben Cohen

This Rugby star helped bring home the World Cup trophy for England in 2003, now he’s got to turn ball skills into ballroom skills


Name: Ben Cohen MBE


Age: 34

Twitter: @RugbyBenCohen

Famous for? His part in the 2003 Rugby World Cup victory for England in Australia. Cohen’s the tenth highest points scorer in England rugby history.

“For me it’s all about the mental side of it. The physical side is going to be tough but I don’t think that’s really going to be my biggest problem. The psychological side for me is what will win or lose me that dance, and that’s leaving everything at the door.”

Bio: Since retiring fron rugby in 2011, Ben has been running a successful charitable foundation which aims to eliminate bullying and homophobia.

Clinically deaf himself (with around 30 to 33 percent hearing loss in each ear), Ben also supports efforts to make rugby more accessible to the hard of hearing.

In 2006 Ben and his wife Abbie welcomed twin daughters Harriette and Isabelle.

Of taking part in Strictly, Ben says, “I’m not in competition with other people in my eyes, I just want to do the best I can. If someone’s better than me on the day then fine, I’ve given it 100% and that’s all I can give. I don’t have any preconceived ideas of where I want to come in the show. For me it’s going to be week by week. You won’t know the dance and you’ll only be as good as your last week and your last dance. If you’re here the next week you’ll learn something else. It’s like a cup competition.”

The sportsman will certainly be bringing his dedication to the table, adding, “I’m not a workshy person. I never was when I played. I enjoy a challenge.”

Ben on winning, meeting the Queen and quitting rugby: 

Strictly Come Dancing starts this Saturday 6:50pm, BBC1