Louis Walsh: X Factor acts aren’t dropped if they sell records

“Welcome to the music industry,” adds fellow judge Sharon Osbourne


Louis Walsh says stars who rise to fame on The X Factor won’t be dropped by their record label… as long as they’re selling records.


Speaking at the X Factor launch at London’s May Fair Hotel, the long-standing judge said: “They’re not dropped if they sell records. If they’re selling records and doing well, nobody’s ever dropped. They’re only probably dropped if they’re not selling records.”

To which music manager (and returning judge) Sharon Osbourne added, “Yes, welcome to the music industry”.

“At least this show gives them the chance to make the one record that they would never ever have if it wasn’t for X Factor,” continued Louis. “I think it’s the best platform for anybody. Ok?”

But, as Gary Barlow explained, the judges do not remain a part of their chosen acts’ careers once they leave the show. “I think I can speak for the four of us, after the show is over they go off to Sony and we don’t have any control over that. And I think the point is that neither do Sony. Where they choose to go and how they choose to make a career after that, it’s kind of up to them really.

“I know this show is heavily based on us helping and mentoring and all the rest of it, but people really are in control of their own destinies in this show. We see some people who get better and better and better and better and others who get worse and make bad choices. We’re not in control of that.”

The X Factor returns this Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm on ITV