Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Carol McGiffin

From that marriage to Chris Evans to why she drinks so much, here's all you need to know about Loose Women woman Carol McGiffin


Name: Carol McGiffin


Age: 53

Famous, why?: Radio and TV presenter

Bio: Outspoken presenter Carol McGiffin began her career in 1988 as Chris Evans’ co-host on Greater London Radio. The pair then married in 1991 (Yes. This happened. The couple divorced in 1998 though and are a definite contender for strangest celebrity pairing…)

Carol then worked her way around the radio stations, presenting various talk shows, before landing on ITV’s lunchtime chat show Loose Women, where she’s been ever since. In fact, the opinionated lass is currently the show’s longest-serving panelist.

In the meantime Carol has managed to write an autobiography called Oh Carol! (which shines a light on her “tempestuous” relationship with Evans and her “infamous” seven years of celibacy, in case you were wondering) and star as the Genie in the lamp in a panto in Bristol.

The party-girl now frequents the pages of the tabloids, flaunting toy-boy Mark Cassidy, her fiance who is 22-years her junior.

Their age-gap is not without it’s difficulties, though. Carol recently spoke of her concerns that people might confuse her for Mark’s mum saying: “I would love to have a facelift. My face is heading south… I don’t want people to think that I am Mark’s mother, although she is 10 years older than me and looks amazing.” Nice back-tracking there, Carol…

She also hits the headlines for her love of a drink. A pastime she recently explained, saying: “I just don’t want to live that long. That’s why I drink so much.” Not at all worrying…

Low point? Here she is stripping on Loose Women:

But that’s not how she usually behaves (thankfully). Here are a few Loose Women ‘best bits’: