EastEnders spoilers: Lauren tempted by alcohol again – first look pictures

Will Lauren give in to her craving after she learns that Whitney slept with Joey?

Alcoholic Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) may be back from her stint in rehab but it seems that the demon drink is still proving to be a temptation.


In the coming weeks, viewers will see Lauren vow to get her life back on track, but little does she know what news lies in wait to surprise her. On a night out with the girls she is adamant that she won’t touch a drop of alcohol – but that’s before Whitney (Shona McGarty) blurts out that she slept with Joey (David Witts).


Lauren insists that the revelation hasn’t rocked her world, but when she makes an excuse to leave, she swipes a drink from a table and heads out distraught. But the big question remains: will she give in to temptation? Find out in the episode airing on Tuesday 13 August.