From a chicken shop to a nightclub toilet – where could a Channel 4 documentary go next?

As C4 prepares to film from a Crawley nightclub toilet, we suggest some places they might want to set up camera next

Not content with filming the goings on in a south London fried chicken shop, Channel 4 are setting up cameras in a nightclub toilet. Yes, you read that right. A nightclub toilet.


Inspired by hit show The Fried Chicken Shop – which recorded London life from the perspective of the fast food outlet – this one-off observational documentary will give viewers an insight into the toilets of JJ Whispers club in Crawley, drunken dancers, vomit and all (we assume). It sounds pretty grim, though apparently no one will be shown going to the toilet (thank God).

Loo roll and hand soap aside, the move suggests there is nowhere Channel 4 won’t dare to go. And because we are kind and helpful people over here at towers, we thought we’d help them come up with locations for their next ob-doc…

The Night Bus

We’ve had various serious documentaries about public transport but a night bus is crying out for a light-hearted ob-doc. Oh the drama. From grumpy drivers to their drunken passengers, via missed stops, invalid tickets, fights and beer-goggle-fueled passion… That journey home offers a whole lot of insight into the human condition.

The Rush Hour

Forget late-night drunken antics, the London Underground could totally carry off its own show during the rush hour. From the odd elbow poke to full on meltdowns, us commuters show our true colours when we are trying to get to work. You could even include a handy guide to Tube etiquette for those passengers who don’t understand the rules and insist on GETTING IN YOUR WAY.

The Changing Room

Ah, the changing room. A place where people from all walks of life enter, fingers crossed that this will be the day those skinny jeans slide on up over their thighs. You literally have it all in a fitting room: despair, longing, envy, panic, depression… And that most human of emotions, hope.

You’d have regular visitors, dragging their suitcases behind them. Gobby sales assistants who are fed up of replacing still-warm knickers on tiny hangers. Aggro over the number of items customers can take in with them. That awkward moment when a you try on something that is FAR too small and panic that you’ll never get it off and you’ll have to spend the rest of your days with an unfortunate Aztec print playsuit trapped under your arms…

The Service Station

Arguably the place where all bad things come together: angry families, bickering couples, road rage, consumerism and chips.

Park up in one of these depressing places and you’ll find people heading off on their holidays, already wishing they’d left the grandparents behind; lorry drivers in need of a caffeine fix; business-types speeding between meetings; new parents trying to drive their babies to sleep; forgetful husbands buying wilting flowers for their wives… It’s clearly the perfect setting for a documentary.

The Dry Cleaners

Talk about airing dirty laundry in public. What better way to delve into the real private lives of the British public than to judge them by the stains on their clothes?

We’ll meet every customer coming in, garment in hand, wishing to wipe away dirt and leave with cleanness of fabric (and conscience) restored. From grass-stained wedding dresses to wine-soaked evening gowns via lip-stick marked suits, and of course those inevitable stubborn and even more suspicious stains…

The Customer Complaints Desk

Us Brits are well known for our ability to complain. Give us rain and we want sun. Give us sun and we cry for the drizzly days we said we hated. So what happens when we’ve really got something to complain about? Well, let’s find out…

We’d imagine some people are awfully polite when their new and rather pricey wooly jumper unravels around them, while other wily customers will try and get every penny back when they don’t really deserve it. Cue arguments, tears, apologies and some very resourceful staff.


Can you think of any more? Let us know in the comment box below…