If TV shows swapped theme tunes could you still recognise them?

It's the same opening credits but the wrong music. Can you guess which show the music has come from? Take our quiz to find out...


A good TV theme can capture the essence of a show, be it kooky comedy or dark drama. So what happens when the wrong tune is played over another show’s opening credits – can you still name which show it’s from? Take our quiz to find out…


(Note: the videos have the same holding picture but are different questions)

Mash-up number 1: 

Name the hit comedy whose theme tune is covering fantasy show Game of Thrones

Mash-up number 2:

Which programme has lent its intro music to slick 1960’s-set show Mad Men?

Mash-up number 3:

Lost gets an uplifting makeover, but from which programme?

Mash-up number 4:

How I Met Your Mother looks far more sinister with this theme tune – but which show is it from?

Mash-up number 5:

Friends seems far more dramatic (or just plain weird) with this music over the credits. Can you name that tune?

How many did you get right out of five? Let us know below…

(video credit: David Elmaleh)



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