The Heat – writer works on a sequel to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy cop movie

Katie Dippold tells that she and director Paul Feig are already hard at work on a follow-up

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy may reprise their unlikely cop pairing from new female buddy movie the Heat, with writer Katie Dippold revealing that she is penning a sequel.


Dippold, who also wrote for the hit NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, says she is working on a script that will bring the characters from the film back.

The Heat sees Bullock’s uptight FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and McCarthy’s Boston Detective Shannon Mullins team up to take on a mobster. It has taken around £140m since opening in the US in June and goes on release in the UK tomorrow.

“I’m actually working on the sequel right now,” Dippold told, adding that McCarthy and Bullock would be keen to return.

“I’ve seen both since wrapping filming and they seem excited about it,” she added.

“I’m writing it for those characters. Where they go, I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. I’m really excited about it.”

Dippold said director Paul Feig would also oversee the possible sequel and explained that her work on the movie has forced her to take a break from Parks and Recreation.


“I had to take a leave from Parks to work on the movie because I had to go to Boston to film for three months. So that was Park’s last season. This season I was hired to write the sequel and to write another movie I pitched. So I have to take the next couple of months to work on those.”