EastEnders spoilers: Whitney falls into bed with Joey – first look pictures

After a bust-up with Tyler, Whit gets racy at R&R


A troubled Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is to end up in bed with Joey Branning (David Witts) after a bust up with fiancé Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline).


In scenes to be shown on Monday 29 July, viewers will see Whitney having a tough time and attempting to confide in Tyler. However, he unintentionally offends her by calling her “messed up”, causing Whit to take off her engagement ring and tell Tyler that their relationship is over before she storms out of the restaurant where they’re having dinner.


Whitney then heads towards R&R where Joey is working behind the bar and the pair are soon flirting. After telling Joey that she and Tyler are over, Whitney tries to kiss Joey, but despite being tempted he tells her to leave before she does something she regrets. Whitney tells Joey she knows what she’s doing and – unable to resist any longer – the pair kiss passionately before going back to Joey’s place…