Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

22-26 July: Lucas is taken ill at the garage, Amber splits up with Josh, while Toadie starts to grow wary of Walter

Monday 22 July


In the wake of her return to Erinsborough, Kate is bailed up by Georgia, who is armed with the story Kate gave Mason about her “one-night stand”. Georgia jumps to the conclusion that the other man is Brennan and put on the spot, Kate doesn’t correct her. The lie immediately begins to snowball as Georgia assumes a romantic triangle is now in play between Kate, Mason and Brennan. Reporting some of the details back to Kyle only makes things worse as he in turn rushes to Kate to demand her silence. With Kate’s guilt gnawing at her, she is afraid that the truth will come out, but Kyle is adamant that they have a story and they have to stick to it now. In the meantime, Kate is still pining for Mason and after some unwitting advice from Paul, she tests whether Mason really can look past her indiscretion. Satisfied that he can, she gets back together with him, but as she and Mason join Georgia and Kyle for a BBQ late in the day, she is plagued by guilt and doubt.

Having kissed earlier in the afternoon, Josh and Amber pick up right where they left off as she tries to make amends for her last homework effort by helping with his make-up assignment. Successfully aiding him in getting it done, she is soon back in his arms, which in turn creates another problem – that he’s late for training. Later, as Josh is at the pool, Amber happily reports her burgeoning relationship to Imogen and she distresses Amber by advising her to be careful, as Josh’s overriding commitment is to the pool. Advice brought into sharp relief as Josh’s coach issues an ultimatum… It’s the girl or his swimming – he can’t have both.

With their lives back on track and all health problems in their past, Lucas and Vanessa set a date, but as they discuss the wedding it becomes clear that they have very different ideas of what they want. Initially, Lucas is oblivious, happily laying out more and more details. But when Chris informs him that Vanessa might not be on the same page, he is suddenly confronted with the reality. She would like a few more of the trimmings than he was expecting – and his bank balance may not stretch that far.

Tuesday 23 July

Toadie’s concerned by the amount of time and effort Sonya is investing in Walter. He holds back from saying anything, until his romantic lunch with Sonya is gate-crashed: Sonya has invited Walter, Susan and Karl, eager for them all to meet. Toadie’s frustrated and Walter senses the tension, so excuses himself. Sonya’s annoyed at Toadie, but Toadie may have good reason to be wary of Walter…

Josh confides in Imogen about Don’s ultimatum. Imogen’s annoyed that Josh is about to dump her friend, but urges Josh to break up with her ASAP to spare her any further pain. Josh tries to call it off, but his attraction to Amber scuppers his plans and instead he decides to continue dating her, but keep it a secret from Don. Imogen is convinced it’s going to end in tears.

Forced together for the CPR course, Callum and Bailey are uncomfortable at first, but both make an effort to keep things civil. They fall back into old friendship patterns for a brief moment, before Rani arrives and things get tense again. Later a frustrated Rani suggests she and Bailey are now free to start dating, but Bailey won’t do that to Callum – as far as he’s concerned, he and Rani are just friends.

Wednesday 24 July

While Toadie’s busy trying to make up for being rude to Sonya’s Uncle Walter at lunch, the man in question is busy pawning the watch he stole from Susan and chatting up Sheila – with none of them any the wiser about this con man’s true character.  After Toadie apologises to Walter and begs him to stay in town longer to make Sonya happy, Walter helps himself to the key to the Men’s Shed, where he later encounters Ajay. Unaware that Walter is secretly casing the joint, Ajay buys his story about having nowhere to stay ­– a story he promptly passes on to Toadie.  Although Walter pretends to be embarrassed when Toadie confronts him, he’s soon lying about his need for cash and his fear of asking Sonya for money, praying on Toadie’s sympathy – and it works. Toadie invites Walter to stay in their house in an effort to please Sonya and keep her family close. But what has he let them in for?

Lucas encourages an excited Vanessa to book the date and the venue she wants for their wedding – and hang the expense. However, having looked at their finances, he knows it won’t be easy to give her the wedding of her dreams. So he goes back to work at the garage but keeps it from Vanessa, who wants him to rest after his radiotherapy.  When Lucas makes Mason lie for him, Chris is concerned he’s biting off more than he can chew.  After a hard day’s work in which an over-tired Lucas almost causes an accident, Lucas pays the price when he collapses in pain – and there’s no one there to help him.

Sheila books The Right Prescription  for a fill-in gig at Charlie’s but won’t give them a regular spot unless they mix things up a little. Her words spark Ajay into a song-writing session with Karl, who’s not keen to let go of control over the band. Can they overcome their creative differences? 

Thursday 25 July

Kate and Mason are happy to be back together, and wanting to strengthen their relationship, Kate suggests a family dinner. Both Lauren and Mason know their family – especially Matt – spending time with Paul is a potential recipe for disaster. But they agree to try and make it work. Paul is more than reluctant to dine with the Turners as well, but accepts for Kate’s sake. The dinner is full of tension and barbs between enemies Matt and Paul, and comes to a head at dessert when the men go one step too far and Paul ends up leaving. Kate and Mason are left wondering how they can make their relationship work, when the people they love are so at odds.

After collapsing at the garage, Lucas is finally found by Chris, barely conscious. Lucas is rushed to hospital only to discover that he has a mass in his abdomen. Karl admits it’s a possibility that his cancer has returned and spread. Lucas is rushed for surgery and tests. Blaming herself for letting Lucas think he needed to work hard to pay for a big wedding, Vanessa keeps a vigil, trying hard to stay positive but worried sick that Lucas’s cancer is really back. Finally Karl reveals Lucas is in the clear – the mass in his abdomen is the result of a complication from his earlier surgery, but he’ll be fine. Overwhelmed with relief, Lucas and Vanessa vow they’ll be honest with each other from now on, looking forward to the future together.

When Karl has to rush to hospital to help Lucas, he must walk out on his gig with The Right Prescription at Charlie’s. Lucky for Ajay, Kyle has an idea – Georgia can fill in. It takes a lot of encouragement, but Georgia finally agrees. She overcomes initial nerves and wows the crowd. But Ajay’s thrown when Sheila offers The Right Prescription a weekly gig on one condition – Georgia fronts the band from now on. How is Ajay going to break the news to Karl?

Friday 26 July

Amber’s keen to spend time with Josh, and offers to accompany him to training so she can watch. Josh – who doesn’t want his coach Don to know that he and Amber are still together – quickly fobs Amber off, telling her that it would be too distracting to have her there. Imogen tries to warn Amber that Josh will hardly ever have time for her, but Amber remains convinced they’ll be able to fit time for romance in around Josh’s training schedule. Don, however, catches Amber talking to Josh, and demands to know what’s going on. Josh lies, telling his coach that Amber’s taking the breakup really badly, and won’t leave him alone. Amber and Josh agree to meet up later, and Amber plans a romantic picnic. Josh has to cancel at the last minute, however, and when Amber comes to find him at the pool, she’s waylaid by Don who, believing the relationship’s over, firmly warns Amber to stay away from Josh. Devastated to realise that Josh has been lying to her, Amber tells him their relationship is over.

Kate begs Paul to do whatever he can to smooth over the rift between him and Matt. If he doesn’t, Kate’s scared that it’ll be her relationship with Mason that’s the ultimate casualty. Grudgingly, Paul does as requested, by lowering the rent Lauren pays at Harold’s. Lauren is ecstatic but Matt is furious, believing this is just a further example of how Paul Robinson thinks he can buy people off. Mason, however, urges his father to cool his hostility towards Paul. Matt goes to Paul, and tells him that for the sake of his family, he’s letting this one go. Meanwhile Terese realises that she’s the one who’ll have to juggle the budget, in order to make up the shortfall created by Paul’s generosity. She and Lauren lament the fact that Paul is someone they’re stuck with in their professional lives… so they’ll both just have to learn to manage him.


Having found out about the regular gig at Charlie’s, Karl confronts Georgia, who explains that she told Ajay there’s no way she could replace him in the band. Karl confronts Ajay, who points out they only got the offer of the regular gig because they mixed things up by having Georgia as the lead singer.  So it’s now up to Karl to decide how The Right Prescription will proceed from here.